Who We Are

Communications Driven ~

Behind Every Event or Business … There’s a Goal. Whether it’s to acquire new customers, media planning and placement, social media shout outs, getting more exposure, or just plain showing everyone a good time at an social event or tradeshow– the goal needs to be the leading message to get noticed, while planning the marketing initiative, event or business strategy.

Simplicity and Communication drives the engine.

The more concise the message is, the clearer it is to your target market what you want them to do.
We provide you with everything needed to make your business or event strategy an unparalleled success. From the strategic planning, negotiating expertise and logistical management, to creating and executing a strategic marketing and promotional plan to grab their attention in a way they won’t forget!

Head Brainstormer!
Christina Blandi

I am a Northern transplant to the Raleigh area some 20+ years ago and I’ve never looked back at my roots in Pittsburgh. Although this noted “city girl” will always be connected to my family and those roots,I consider Raleigh my choice of “Home away from Home”
As the Raleigh area has grown, so have I in the vast experiences ranging from working in my Dad’s Pittsburgh restaurant from the age of 13, to Hospitality Management outside of my Dad’s place, to Marketing Planning for any and every type of business, both private and public. I’ve heralded all of my business savvy from my Dad. Growing up and watching him grow a fine dining restaurant overlooking the city, the most sought after place to be when you visit Pittsburgh…I’ve gained an array of business knowledge listening and learning about business in general in a creatively structured environment.
After graduating from N.C. State University with a degree in Mass Communication, I’ve been able apply my deep business roots and degree, to all areas of my life. Because of my eclectic nature, for the past 12+ years,  I have taken on several different types of projects that have evolved into multi-faceted, multi-phase projects.  As such, the projects have given me the ability to apply these tested tactics across different industries with results.
My eclectic nature has lead me to take on some of the outlandish things I consider to be fun, like bungee jumping off of a crane (it was a dare), white water rafting, to a Hot Air Balloon ride over Charlotte, to running in a 5k Mud Run… nothing is beyond my realm of consideration. Life is meant to be lived!
“Life is a risk, Business is a risk, take it or you’ll regret it later. Life is too short. “  ~ CBJ