Becoming a Solo Entrepreneur….

What is it like to be your own Boss? What kind of person does it take to go SOLO?
What exactly are the qualities to posses when thinking about becoming a Entrepreneur. Well let’s see:
* A burning desire for the financial and creative freedom of entrepreneurship without strapping yourself to boredom and unhappiness working for others.
* Seeing themselves as entrepreneurs with a vision, a personal drive, and a passion to fulfill their dreams.
* A deep longing to succeed in their chosen area of expertise and always wanting to learn more to improve any outcome.
* Believing in themselves and being passionate about what they do.
* Being committed to their quest to be “solo.”
* Comfortable using technologies such as the Internet to promote their business, collaborate with others, and learn.
What are the changes that have occurred in society that support individuals desire to take on a whole new way of life?:
* Corporate downsizing or being “FIRED”
* Economy and its leadership changes and viewpoints
* Family Background or Continuation of a legacy built from the ground up
* Dissatisfaction with how things are managed in current employment
* Not wanting the BIG guy to treat you like a NUMBER and they get all the glory, $, and BIG bonuses
* Corporate Big wigs earning the bonuses, when it is the little guys who do all the work. And the government basically handed it over
* Dissatisfaction with Corporate Authenticity
* And so much more, I could go on and on!
Now the hard part! What are the Challenges that face the Solo Entrepreneur?:
* Having a desire to be solo, with no idea of where to start or of what is possible.
* Working through the initial start-up phase and not giving in to the temptation or pressure to go back to a corporate job or other “safe” haven.
* Having skills, products, and/or services that are in demand, but little experience or knowledge of how to package, market, and sell.
* Understanding how to fit together the relationships and elements that are part of running a business.
* Determining how to create a unique and solid brand and message for their business that helps position their strengths.
* Having a desire for self employment, but not knowing how to build a support network.
* Developing ongoing personal leadership skills.
* Finding a way to transition from doing “tasks” to managing and building their business.
* Figuring out that you don’t have to do everything and Delegating the tasks and responsibilities to others or finding Strategic Alliances
* Finding a support system and/or mentor to help make smoother transitions into the Solo Entrepreneur arena
* Determining how to embrace their new career move and establish realistic and achievable goals.
* Scheduling your business like a business and sticking to the plan
* Juggling multiple clients and business processes in a day.
* Financing your business efforts whether it be a personal financial float, SBA loan, Angel Investors, Family, etc. Somewhere along the way these will have to take place.
* I could go on and on about this too!
Here a re just a few places to go to find out more information in the local area about where to start!
Women Business Center
NC Institute of Minority Economic Development
SCORE Women’s Success Blog
SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH THE WORLD! Build upon your expertise and share your PASSION!

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