Blinki..My Traveling Poken!

Ok, so I have had my Poken, Blinki, with me for about 2 weeks!  I am so excited, if I could just figure it all out!  I have just uploaded some new contacts and saw that I had all kinds of messages to me from twitter and I didn’t see them on my twitter account directly!  Of course I responded to all!  So sorry for the delay people!
So anyway,  I would like to add more about some of my networks and such, but haven’t figured out how to add my meetup group with my profile number.  Any help out there, I am willing to accept it.  I still am learning all this new technology! It is so much fun and interesting! Yes, I am somewhat of a techie…shhhh, don’t tell my husband, he is the techie in the house or so he thinks!
So Thanks to all my new connections and have fun shopping out there and Poken someone today!
Below is the link for my Blinki and me and Phoenix!
<img src="" width="79" height="79" alt="@martinbrossman @phoenixrmt 's #Glaurung & @cbjpromos #poken fun at #coffee&contacts Garner holiday