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Make Positive Changes…to Succeed

We’ve all been there. Had negative thoughts. Had our doubts about succeeding in our careers or J.O.B.S.  But what about thinking in a more positive manner, will all those negative thoughts just disappear?  No. It takes time, practice and perseverance to overcome those thoughts.  But when you start seeing results, that’s when you’ll start believing in the possibility of it all coming true!

If you’re going to stay in your comfort zone, you will never experience the positive change that can transform your experiences!  If you do anything today, take the first step of many, on your journey to something so powerful, that it’s just impossible to not notice the positive changes.

Positive Steps to Take Today:


  • Wake up early!
  • Enroll in a gym or set a regular schedule of going to the gym. (Some form of exercise)  *I go in the morning to pump me up for the day!
  • Or meditate or read a passage from the bible.
  • Get busy with your daily routine of getting ready.
  • Listen to your favorite music to set the tone for the day.
  • Get busy with your daily processes when you get to work. i.e. answering emails, making your “To Do” list, setting up meetings, returning phone calls, checking in with your employees, etc.
  • Make sure to GO OUT for lunch!  *Eat Healthy
  • * Don’t work straight through lunch or eat at your desk.  The break in the environment helps!
  • Make it a habit to always speak with a logical mind.  Be mindful of escalations and don’t let it go too far.
  • Make sure you are always clear with your communication.
  • Pay attention to details to alleviate mistakes.
  • End your day, with a smile for having checked items off your list.
  • Wind down in the car ride home. Listen to softer music. Don’t bring home any problems that may have arisen.
  • Greet your family with wide open arms and listen to how their day went.
  • Engage with others, surround yourself with other positive, goal oriented people.
  • Get out occasionally and “smell the roses”!
  • Get a good night’s rest
  • Press the “Repeat” button every morning, not the snooze button!!

Work and Life Balance….Are You Living your “BEST” Life?

As luck would have it, I did not bring my laptop with me on my mini vacation! I was fortunate. I did have many phone calls for requests for my attention and luckily I handled them quite quickly. How many times have you been hard pressed to answer the”call of duty” while away on vacation? It is almost impossible to get away as a solopreneur without thinking, wondering, and analyzing your next moves and how to handle them efficiently. You just want to get away and not think. Is it possible? Can we shut our brains down enough to unwind, enjoy the family and let loose just a bit? Sometimes, but it is another skill that we must learn in order to balance our lives and live our “BEST” life.
Our “BEST” life. What does that mean to you?
* Does it mean, shutting our computers off at a certain time of day, even though we have many more tasks on our “to do” list?
* Does it mean, not worrying about what is next on the agenda and putting it off until tomorrow, so that we can make our kids baseball game or swim meet?
* Does it mean, we have to schedule our work according to our everyday lives to balance and feel at peace with how things are going in our lives?
If you answered yes to most of the questions, then you are on the right track! Yes, we have to schedule our work around what is going on in our lives, in order to achieve the peace and synergy that we crave. How could we not? Life is a balancing/juggling act. With all the things that we are responsible for, not only our work requirements, but our children’s lives and all of their activities, our vacations, days off, sick time, school / homework time and help, fitting in fitness (yes, fitting and scheduling it in is a must! It really does help you to focus and stay on track when you feel you are strong), and even more educational learning and development times, how do we do it?
One of the best answers that I can give to anyone is, that as much as we try to achieve our ideal work-life balance, not everyday can be scheduled and kept to the same routine. It will vary everyday! If you think it is going to go accordingly everyday and it be the same, guess again! And it shouldn’t. How boring would that be, to know that everyday you’re going to know exactly what you are doing at every given moment? BORING! Be flexible and it will be that much more rewarding in the end of your day. That you got exactly what you needed to get accomplished and your personal life did not suffer either!
How do we do that?
* Schedule your work day, making sure that the most important tasks are done first thing in the morning.
* Do you know where the closest fountain or water source is to sit by and listen to while you relax just a bit to eat your lunch outside? Water is very calming.
* Condense the meeting and phone conferences into specific time periods and don’t let idle talk take over the tasks on the agenda and you might just be able to “cut” out early to enjoy your drive home and catch the last tumble of your daughter’s gymnastics practice to surprise her!
* When you get home to the family, do not answer the phone or talk business (unless it is urgent or can’t wait) while your child is standing there waiting for you to throw the ball or go swimming…they do remember it.
* Catch a movie with the kids or watch AFV with the kids and laugh your head off!
* When you do get away, focus solely on the family or your vacation time. If you have to address any work issues (while you’re away) , get it done and move on!
* There are 4 areas in our lives to focus on: Work, Children/Family, Friends, and Self. Each of these takes precedence over the other sometimes.
* Commit everyday to achieving the simplistic ideals of balancing all of these areas. If you do, you will have attained your goal, PEACE within yourself and for others.
Life will takes its toll on all of us, but if we can achieve our work/life balance we will live our “BEST” life. Life is too short not to work hard at LIVING, ACHIEVING AND ENJOYING all the finer things in life that it has to offer! It is up to us, to make sure we are doing what we need to do!

Internet Marketing….My take on the Piece of the Puzzel

How does one go about capitalizing on today’s society and how it is all driven? Internet marketing is one of the hottest trends out there today. Social media, affiliate marketing, branding online, websites, blogging, photo sharing, twitter, which one do you use? Pick one. There are so many ways to market online it is almost obscene. I have been watching several people in some of my social media sites I am on and even the novice is flocking to them and calling themselves marketing mavens. Now, I am not belittling anyone at all. I was at a beginning point also and needed to learn the latest and greatest ways to communicate. But, I also have a education and studied long and difficult hours worth of case studies on the effects of marketing, branding, research and so forth. Some may say it is all about common sense, but I also feel it is part studying the marketing trends and not just in it for a quick fix.
If you happen to stumble upon a niche market and find yourself succeeding where others have not, then you hit the big one! Congrats! Otherwise, it takes many hours of non stop, persistent and challenging trials and errors to succeed at anything. It may take several years to accomplish the success you so desire. I, myself, have been at this, for myself, for about 3 years. Have I had successes? Yes. Have I always hit the jack pot? No. Have I given up on my passion? No. If there is one thing about marketing, I have grown to love, is the ever changing scope of how things are done and the patterns keep changing. That is why I love it so much. It is not a stagnant field. There are so many ways to promote, get the word out about something you are doing, advertise, post, upload video, post a picture, etc. it is amazing! Experts are flocking to the internet media waves and posting their white papers online. Researchers and their long time love of difficult hours, are finding their successes by posting their findings online as well. All of this to get noticed. I don’t think there is one person who has not been online doing something. Whether it is to surf the web, search for something to do, find an event, read the newspaper, post a picture for everyone to see, keep a track of their stock portfolio, or gossip and post your opinions. We are all on the online at some point in a day.
Where am I taking all this? What am I trying to say? It’s easy people, no one can deny they are not on the web. Just about everyone is marketing and communicating about something. It is putting the US Postal system on their tail ends. Their comments, opinions, marketing an event, whatever it may be, we are here. Is this a trend? NO. The online presence of today’s society is here to stay. It adds enrichment to our lives. Are we on overload with it? Sometimes, Yes. Don’t abuse the system people or it won’t work. Give us the information, your opinion whether solicited or not, and help me feel good about what is going on in the world.
That is my take on Internet marketing. I may be just a little bit more of a novice, but I am here to stay and I will impart my knowledge for you all to see and hopefully learn from. It is my participation in the world!

Welcome 2010! New experiences….

I can’t believe how fast 2009 rushed in and went out! A new decade, wow! I was just hanging out on the first day of 2010, watching the Bowl games, as I noted this all to my husband, remembering our New Year’s Eve party of Y2K! Amazing how fast time flies, things change, kids grow up and become teenagers and how much I still have to accomplish!
So let’s see, as some of you who personally know me, I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Proud of that, can you tell?!!! It’s really funny that I live in another city and in the past few days of 2009, I have met 4 Pittsburghers! And we all have something in common, as well as, interests that are the same as mine. It is really a small world everyone!
I truly believe in the power of attraction…if you open yourself up to new experiences and places, it is amazing the people you will meet and what they will add to your life! I Thank God every day for that because if it weren’t for some of those opened experiences, I would not be where I am today with my business and all the friends that have added value and meaning to my life.
So, some food for thought to help us grow:
That learning which thou gettest by thy own observation and experience, is far beyond that which thou gettest by precept; as the knowledge of a traveler exceeds that which is got by reading.
Thomas à Kempis

Southern Wake Women in Marketing group, “Hear us Roar!”

NOV. 16th @ Cafe Carolina @ 9am. Speaker/topic needed.

I would like to see a topic maybe about how to market to non profits and what kinds of marketing they need….Anyone interested in speaking from experience? OR a Staffing Recruiter/Agency  to speak about today’s job market and what we need to do to stand out in this “Bigger” crowd.
We have a good group going so far! Some great ideas, plans and future events/participation ! We are in the process of solidifying plans to participate and raise funds for The Women Build project for Habitat for Humanity. And other charities depending upon what we decide. Do you want to be a part of it? More details to follow.
Come out and join on the move Southern Wake Women In Marketing…sharing ideas, contacts and referrals!
RSVP to the event posted for Linkedin or join meetup.com
or cbjpromotionalave@nc.rr.com
Hope to see everyone there!