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I would like to present just a sampling of my services that CBJ Promotional Avenues can provide to a possible client. Upon entering into the field of Event Management and Marketing, I have studied and lived the practices I now have a complete and utterly large passion to help others in the pursuit of gaining exposure in the marketplace. Whether it be for Event Planning or Business promotion, I take it upon myself to deliver the quality results a company needs to have in order to achieve their desired goal, to STAND OUT and GET NOTICED!
To arrange a consultation with CBJ Promotional Avenues, contact me directly either the phone number listed or via email: cbjpromotionalave@nc.rr.com
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Procrastination….Where does it get you?

I for one, am a recovering procrastinator. There I said it! I am outed by my past behavior..now I am a whole lot more in tune with what needs to be done and accomplished by a certain deadline. I have actually taught myself to overcome this bad habit, mainly because I got tired of nothing ever getting done. Boy is that irritating, when someone expects you to get something done and they nag and nag until you go crazy. Now, I actually love smiling when someone asks about a task that I already did!!! Yes, right now I am referring to my husband!!
Now I am not saying that I get everything done on time and don’t put off some things, because some things are better accomplished at a later time when another priority has to take precedence. No one on this planet is perfect. Period. But, as a whole, it is always better to get things accomplished than putting it off to another day. Then another day comes and goes, and another , and another. Then before you know it, it is two years later and some one is still asking for it to be done. Ugh. Please don’t practice procrastination in your professional arena. Not a good thing, you just might get FIRED.
Definition of Procrastination by Wikipedia:
It refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

Accomplishing Procrastination: Where Does it Get You?

1) Nowhere!
2) It only leads to more anxious behaviors = STRESS
3) Decreased productivity = More STRESS and Disapproval of your peers and employer for not completing a project or task in time.
4) Physiological (distractability by other stimuli) and Psychological (not confident in the task to be completed) behaviors
5) Two common types of Procrastinators
a) Relaxed – ” Oh, I will get to it” type and time passes quickly before it is addressed again
b) Tense/Afraid – “Oh my gosh, I am not sure if I can do this all by myself, this is just too much” attitude. Not enough confidence in your ability to complete the task and even avoidance of it.
6) Perfectionism – The over zealous person who is not satisfied with the task at hand, until it is absolutely right. Overly critical of oneself and others ability to get the task done and on time.
So my question to ask ourselves is this Procrastination behavior a Habit or a Disorder? Or can we re-teach ourselves to overcome the behaviors with self-control?
Is it a learned behavior that we have been shown by our parents or others in the quest to put off everything?
Our parents are our examples, right? Or can we learn from theirs and others examples to never Procrastinate in order to get the job done and on time?

So here are some Procrastination behaviors that most of us are guilty of doing:
* Go get another cup of coffee
* Get a snack
* Answer email during the most important part of the assignment
* Go on Facebook or Tweet! And during work time, shame on you!!
* Doing a household chore if you are a home based business ( I am guilty!)
* Daydreaming
* Go talk to a co-worker
* Going out to lunch when you aren’t even close to get the task done by 1 pm.
How to avoid Procrastination and earn the right to “blow off some time”:
* Write the rough draft of the proposal and then take 10 minutes to daydream or log onto Facebook
* Call 5 leads and set appointments and then go get a cup of coffee
* Enter your weekly bookkeeping or expense transactions and then you can call a “Pal” to chit-chat.
You can change your Procrastination behavior and over come the stigma of being one.
1) Stick to the plan
2) Don’t avoid the task or project
3) Stay positive that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
4) Feel the sense of accomplishment.
Of course, you will then have to deal with all the accolades of the positive outpouring from your co-workers and boss, but then again, aren’t you doing what you are supposed to be doing and getting it done on time? And in the end, get the BIG bonus!! In a perfect world, right?
There, I finally got this post done!! LOL!
Written and copyrighted by CBJ Promotional Avenues, Christina Blandi-James

Wolrd Habitat for Humanity Day, Oct 4th

Are we all living the life we are meant to live?
Do we all have equal rights in the world in which we live?
Do you know someone who needs our help to live their lives to the fullest possible extent?
Are we meant to help one another make it through our lives by being “raised” in a community?
If you answered yes to any of these, then you understand we are meant to help each other in areas where we can help. Not everyone has a house in which to sleep, eat, and pray peacefully in. This is to raise the awareness of that fact. In the United States we have a lot of luxuries that many in the world envy. We have the right to the American Dream. We should not abuse the fact that we work hard and build together a foundation in which we are proud of. Take a moment and support the efforts to raise the awareness of such groups like this that strive to give to people who need a roof over their heads.
Support and Raise Awareness for World Habitat for Humanity Day and send a donation: http://worldhabitatdaynews.org/

Conquering Your Fears and Challenges…

After a week long trip to my hometown with my two teenage children and driving over 9 hours each way, I have finally realized what it is like to see myself, at that age, as they are today. I can only imagine what they must think when they see me doing things I haven’t done in years and thoroughly enjoying myself and acting like a kid! Some thoughts I imagine they were thinking or whispering to themselves, i.e. “My Gosh, my Mom is so weird, why is she doing that?’ or ” She is yelling and screaming on the roller coaster loader than I am!” or “Look at my Mom, she is in the front of the raft paddling through class 5 rapids, she is fantastic!” Or at least that is the impression I want to leave them with!
I had so much fun with my teens this past week, it was awesome! For them to have let me be as weird as I wanted to, yell as loud as I wanted to, scream out my lungs on the roller coasters and tackle the rapids in the New River Gorge, was the best possible time I could spend with them! Just hanging out and not being a Mom so much, except when needed, and letting my hair down about work and being a kid.
Sometimes in life we have had some experiences that have left us with a memory that not only challenges us, but keeps the gripes of fear riveted in our brains, that we cannot overcome. It is not until we let ourselves experience all the wonders that life has to offer and then some, to fully appreciate our youth. The young are fearless for a reason. The young are impressionable for a reason. We are shaped by our experiences. If we grow up being fearful, we won’t experience half the most pleasurable and rewarding moments in our lives. For this reason alone, I will no longer dreamily want to do something or experience something, I will just do it! Of course if it is within my power and financial wherewithal to do it.
Why is it, that our brains hold onto these memories and experiences, whether positive or negative? Well, from what I gather, and I am not a scientist or anything close to it, but, we are shaped by the moments and they make us who we are today. Character traits are an important part of us. We live our lives by what has been taught to us, what we have experienced, who has passed down from generation to generation the traditions and principles, and most importantly what our parents exemplify to us. For the latter, we are who are parents teach us by example and passed onto us. If they are negative or even negatively perceived lessons or examples, it is up to us as individuals, to change the pattern, or the experience or the lesson. I believe you should break that mold and become your own person. Shape your own destiny, take bits and pieces of the best part of the lessons taught, and move forward in a manner that fits YOU!
I had a bad experience on the river several several years ago. The raft and guide ran us right into a huge boulder, we got trapped on the rock with the raft having flipped up onto us, covering us. We ended up finally being able to release the raft and having to jump into the river, class 5 rapids, and floating down to an area of safety. Very harrowing experience for a 17-18 year old. Very eye opening and memorable experience. I was able to go down the river one more time after that, and then the fear set in from the experience. It took me another 20+ years, and many other kinds of moments and experiences to finally overcome that fear of the river. Not to say, one shouldn’t be fearful of the river, but very cautious and respectful of it.
The point I am trying to make in all of this is the fact that, no matter what, do not let anything or anyone hold you back from doing what you want to do or know is right. Our experiences shape us. Don’t let one bad experience gripe you and take hold forever. Conquer the fear, own it, and experience a new one. I had the best time with my kids and they didn’t even know about my bad experience with the river until after. I didn’t want to scare them. I didn’t want to impose my fear onto them and shape their decision to experience a rush one can grow to love, the thrill of adventure!
I can emphatically transpose this type of lesson or overcoming my fear/challenge to my business life. As an entrepreneur, for years I had dreamed of starting my own business. I put myself on the back burner for years, while I resoundingly took care of my family and children. I have very much been rewarded taking care of them, but my itch to start my business was there looming in the background. I helped run a business with my husband for 5 years, but it wasn’t until I struck out on my own, that my passion of being a business owner, had taken hold. Since my business beginning, Aug, 2, 2007, three years ago, I have experienced so many more positive and negative moments, lessons, and growth, that it has spurred me to incorporating the passion into my personal life more as well.. One should never hold themselves back from experiences. If you can swing it, “JUST DO IT” PERIOD.

Support the First Amendment with 1 for All (via WordPress.com News)

I believe all people of every country should have the right to the freedom of speech which is a part of the 1st amendment. My mother always taught me to express my thoughts and opinions and to never let anything hold you back. I practice this principle in my everyday undertakings, unless it is maliciously harmful to others.
No person, anywhere, should be held back from speaking their minds. It gives us the character to not only express who we are individually, but to stand together on issues with others to work together for solutions. I don’t believe our freedom of speech should be embellished or diminished in any capacity whatsoever. When that right is taken away from us, we are antagonized to the point of not being heard or not making a stand to make a difference in our world.
I do believe that there are a lot of negative viewpoints reported on TV and the news stations and not enough positive viewpoints to report about things that are good in this world. That is where we need to stand together to make the impact and take the positive from every bad situation. Where one wrong has occurred, a positive should be produced.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast, I've spent the past few months trying to wrap my head around the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent massive oil spill that is no … Read More

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Work and Life Balance….Are You Living your “BEST” Life?

As luck would have it, I did not bring my laptop with me on my mini vacation! I was fortunate. I did have many phone calls for requests for my attention and luckily I handled them quite quickly. How many times have you been hard pressed to answer the”call of duty” while away on vacation? It is almost impossible to get away as a solopreneur without thinking, wondering, and analyzing your next moves and how to handle them efficiently. You just want to get away and not think. Is it possible? Can we shut our brains down enough to unwind, enjoy the family and let loose just a bit? Sometimes, but it is another skill that we must learn in order to balance our lives and live our “BEST” life.
Our “BEST” life. What does that mean to you?
* Does it mean, shutting our computers off at a certain time of day, even though we have many more tasks on our “to do” list?
* Does it mean, not worrying about what is next on the agenda and putting it off until tomorrow, so that we can make our kids baseball game or swim meet?
* Does it mean, we have to schedule our work according to our everyday lives to balance and feel at peace with how things are going in our lives?
If you answered yes to most of the questions, then you are on the right track! Yes, we have to schedule our work around what is going on in our lives, in order to achieve the peace and synergy that we crave. How could we not? Life is a balancing/juggling act. With all the things that we are responsible for, not only our work requirements, but our children’s lives and all of their activities, our vacations, days off, sick time, school / homework time and help, fitting in fitness (yes, fitting and scheduling it in is a must! It really does help you to focus and stay on track when you feel you are strong), and even more educational learning and development times, how do we do it?
One of the best answers that I can give to anyone is, that as much as we try to achieve our ideal work-life balance, not everyday can be scheduled and kept to the same routine. It will vary everyday! If you think it is going to go accordingly everyday and it be the same, guess again! And it shouldn’t. How boring would that be, to know that everyday you’re going to know exactly what you are doing at every given moment? BORING! Be flexible and it will be that much more rewarding in the end of your day. That you got exactly what you needed to get accomplished and your personal life did not suffer either!
How do we do that?
* Schedule your work day, making sure that the most important tasks are done first thing in the morning.
* Do you know where the closest fountain or water source is to sit by and listen to while you relax just a bit to eat your lunch outside? Water is very calming.
* Condense the meeting and phone conferences into specific time periods and don’t let idle talk take over the tasks on the agenda and you might just be able to “cut” out early to enjoy your drive home and catch the last tumble of your daughter’s gymnastics practice to surprise her!
* When you get home to the family, do not answer the phone or talk business (unless it is urgent or can’t wait) while your child is standing there waiting for you to throw the ball or go swimming…they do remember it.
* Catch a movie with the kids or watch AFV with the kids and laugh your head off!
* When you do get away, focus solely on the family or your vacation time. If you have to address any work issues (while you’re away) , get it done and move on!
* There are 4 areas in our lives to focus on: Work, Children/Family, Friends, and Self. Each of these takes precedence over the other sometimes.
* Commit everyday to achieving the simplistic ideals of balancing all of these areas. If you do, you will have attained your goal, PEACE within yourself and for others.
Life will takes its toll on all of us, but if we can achieve our work/life balance we will live our “BEST” life. Life is too short not to work hard at LIVING, ACHIEVING AND ENJOYING all the finer things in life that it has to offer! It is up to us, to make sure we are doing what we need to do!

Isn’t it lovely when a FREE service, like most social media sites, changes their direction, sees that people are making money by utilizing their service, and then the FREE service now starts charging for using the service. Ugh. I get that they need to make revenue too, but now we have to charge more in an already overcrowded market and we are all vying for marketshare.

LinkingRaleighnc.com presents Uplink Professional and Business Networking Luncheon

The UpLink Professional and Business Networking Luncheon is a networking luncheon opportunity for you to meet other local professionals.
Topic: Discover and Share New Opportunities
Come and network with local professionals over lunch. If you are looking for the next opportunity or interested in sharing opportunities the come and lunch with us at the Matthews House. Everyone will get a chance to share their opportunities.
If you are:
* Looking for a new job or career
* Looking to hire
* Looking for new business relationships
* Looking to get the word out about your business
* Looking for someone with a solution
…then you need join us for lunch!
A buffet lunch catered by The Matthews House will be provided.
This is a professional networking group for all those hard working professionals and business owners in the Raleigh – Durham and Triangle area of North Carolina. Members span groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouNoodle and the online community at htt p://My.LinkingRaleighN C.com
The Matthews House is located near the heart of the Triangle in Cary, NC. A picturesque setting for lovely garden wedding ceremonies and receptions. Large ballroom with all bamboo floors for dancing! An executive conference room in the main house, perfect for corporate clients. Executive Chef and Banquet Manager on site. The Matthews House delivered fabulous foods all around RTP since 2001.
Event Coordination by:
CBJ Promotional Avenues – Christina Blandi-James
CBJ Promotional Avenues strives to help the small to medium sized businesses gain that “BIG” company voice out in the market place. With the integral components of Marketing Collateral, Social Media, Promotional Products, Press Releases and BEST of all, Event Planning and Management.
Mission: CBJ Promotional Avenues is recognized as serving the community, using a team approach to provide dependable, creative, ethical results driven marketing products and services.

Becoming a Solo Entrepreneur….

What is it like to be your own Boss? What kind of person does it take to go SOLO?
What exactly are the qualities to posses when thinking about becoming a Entrepreneur. Well let’s see:
* A burning desire for the financial and creative freedom of entrepreneurship without strapping yourself to boredom and unhappiness working for others.
* Seeing themselves as entrepreneurs with a vision, a personal drive, and a passion to fulfill their dreams.
* A deep longing to succeed in their chosen area of expertise and always wanting to learn more to improve any outcome.
* Believing in themselves and being passionate about what they do.
* Being committed to their quest to be “solo.”
* Comfortable using technologies such as the Internet to promote their business, collaborate with others, and learn.
What are the changes that have occurred in society that support individuals desire to take on a whole new way of life?:
* Corporate downsizing or being “FIRED”
* Economy and its leadership changes and viewpoints
* Family Background or Continuation of a legacy built from the ground up
* Dissatisfaction with how things are managed in current employment
* Not wanting the BIG guy to treat you like a NUMBER and they get all the glory, $, and BIG bonuses
* Corporate Big wigs earning the bonuses, when it is the little guys who do all the work. And the government basically handed it over
* Dissatisfaction with Corporate Authenticity
* And so much more, I could go on and on!
Now the hard part! What are the Challenges that face the Solo Entrepreneur?:
* Having a desire to be solo, with no idea of where to start or of what is possible.
* Working through the initial start-up phase and not giving in to the temptation or pressure to go back to a corporate job or other “safe” haven.
* Having skills, products, and/or services that are in demand, but little experience or knowledge of how to package, market, and sell.
* Understanding how to fit together the relationships and elements that are part of running a business.
* Determining how to create a unique and solid brand and message for their business that helps position their strengths.
* Having a desire for self employment, but not knowing how to build a support network.
* Developing ongoing personal leadership skills.
* Finding a way to transition from doing “tasks” to managing and building their business.
* Figuring out that you don’t have to do everything and Delegating the tasks and responsibilities to others or finding Strategic Alliances
* Finding a support system and/or mentor to help make smoother transitions into the Solo Entrepreneur arena
* Determining how to embrace their new career move and establish realistic and achievable goals.
* Scheduling your business like a business and sticking to the plan
* Juggling multiple clients and business processes in a day.
* Financing your business efforts whether it be a personal financial float, SBA loan, Angel Investors, Family, etc. Somewhere along the way these will have to take place.
* I could go on and on about this too!
Here a re just a few places to go to find out more information in the local area about where to start!
SCORE http://www.raleighscore.org/
SBA http://www.sba.gov/localresources/district/nc/aboutus/index.html
Women Business Center http://www.ncruralcenter.org/guidebook/ViewResource.asp?ID=290
NC Institute of Minority Economic Development http://www.ncimed.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=33
SCORE Women’s Success Blog http://tiny.cc/yu9y4
SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH THE WORLD! Build upon your expertise and share your PASSION!

I am Collecting Blog perspectives from Event Marketers and Marketing Gurus….

What’s your take on how 2009 ended up in event marketing and marketing and all the measurables? Have you figured out the ROI for digital media and what was your feedback from your clients?
We are almost 1/2 into 2010! I can’t believe it! But, how has this year and your strategies changed or old practices for Event Marketing given you feedback on the measurables? What are you doing that is new to the structure? Is it working so far? Let me know!
I am collecting event marketing and marketing gurus blogs and compiling them into short synopsis for the trends, feedback on measurables, and where the markets are headed. If you want to contribute, please send me your information, privately to cbjpromotionalave@nc.rr.com, to be listed.
Thank you in advance for your take on how things are shaping up for 2010 and where we are headed!