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Tips of the “New and Old” Trade Ways to Build Your Business Reputation

Social networking can be an effective part of any marketing program, but it must be used correctly. The following tips will help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to solidify their message, reputation and credibility to enhance your network marketing outreach.
Social Media Marketing:

  • Use your social networking profile to develop and elevate your  brand.
  • When setting up your profile on the social media sites, make sure you fill it out completely. For, don’t put the places where you worked without putting exactly what you did at that company. And in the summary, that is where you not only speak about what your company or you as an individual can do, but what you are willing to do to get the job done. Additionally, add some of your personality.  Share some personal beliefs about work ethic, etc.
  • Manage online reputation carefully. Avoid posting political, religious, or controversial opinions.
  • Don’t speak badly of anyone online, regardless of negative experiences.
  • Balance out your posts.  Too many and your “friends” or contacts get annoyed if it isn’t relatable to what you do. Too few posts and people will lose interest and that hurts your business reputation just as much.
  • Don’t just talk about only what you do in your business.  Speak about relevant topics that people know about, share about themselves or even promote another person’s business if they did work for you or you have a desire to help them “get the word out” about their business. Giving back helps both in the long run.
  • When you help others in a true fashion, then others are more attracted to your energy and what your business does. But, be GENUINE, don’t always expect something back in return.
  • Don’t miss the “new” wave of marketing.  Internet marketing is replacing some of the archaic, traditional ways of marketing.   Unfortunately, those businesses are hurting but they can recover by adopting the internet marketing functions to create buzz-ability and branding.

As some of us dive head first into  social media marketing, we need to remember that being in front of the  person and making that initial connection is just as important, if not more.  While we’re creating our  social media marketing campaign, our reputation is being built offline at meetings, networking meetings, informational and developmental meetings, social functions, charity functions we support, and even “going out with the girls/guys” is networking.  We are giving the other a sense of who we are as human beings and what drives us and our businesses.
Face to Face Networking:

  • Make sure when you meet someone, that you don’t do the “Elevator” pitch of 30 seconds and expect an instant connection.  Take the time.  If something piques your interest in what has been said, take it a step further and ask questions.  It might even lead into a meeting later.
  • Make sure to be true to yourself by “Being Yourself”  never something all hyped up.
  • When you go to a networking event with someone, especially with a person you have done business with, it is an instant referral for you!
  • Face to Face Networking is so much more effective as a marketing strategy than “Cold” calling.
  • Ask something personal or find some commonality with the other person.
  • Don’t just shove your business card in their hand and do your spiel and run off to the next person to get out as many cards as you can.  That doesn’t work.
  • Make sure, when you do have the connection and it is felt by both parties, to follow up with the person in a reasonable amount of time.  Generally within 2-3 days.  There is nothing worse than having to retrace your thought pattern, then after you connect online and then can’t remember where you met them.
  • Build up your memory bank too, making sure to remember their faces and apologize for not remembering their name.   But the more you see them and talk to them, the name recognition happens.
  • To create the “Buzz” and get people talking about your business, who better than you to go out and network your way to more connections, more business, more vendor connections, and so forth.

When you network with others Face to Face and on a consistent basis, your trust factor, credibility and personality can shine through, unlike being behind the desk, typing a post and trying to be creative, then you get writers block about what to write.  Some people just do better in person.
written by Christina Blandi-James
copyrighted for CBJ Promotional Avenues

LinkingRaleigh presents Uplink “Social Media Marketing”

The UpLink Professional and Business Networking Luncheon is a networking luncheon opportunity for you to meet other local professionals.
Topic: Social Media Marketing and Business
This is your opportunity to come and hear from professionals of social media marketing. Gain insight, knowledge and inspiration that may help you find a new way to attract new customers and prepare you for the changes ahead.
The panelists will discuss how they use social media marketing in their role, discuss best practices and share insights into what is to come, followed by questions from attendees.
Panelists include:
* James Wong – Marketing Communications Manager at iContact
* Martin Brossman – Owner and Social Media Coach at Martin Brossman and Associates
* Greg Hyer – Founder of
Will you join us for lunch? Register TODAY!
A buffet lunch catered by The Matthews House will be provided.
Event Coordination by:
CBJ Promotional Avenues – Christina Blandi-James

Networking by Face to Face Connections…..

There is something to be said about face to face networking.  Social Media is all well and a good additive that sucks the time from your day, if you are not careful to schedule it, just like the rest of your business should be. But the feedback and the non verbal communication that one gets from the face to face contact with someone is so valuable and rewarding, how can one not want to connect this way?
Look at all the measurable results and feedback you get from each of your marketing activities you participate in. Whether it be:
1)  Social Media
2) Traditional Media
3) Direct Mail
4) Post cards or mailings
5) Blogging
6) Press Releases
7) Events
shall I go on?  You get the picture.  There are so many marketing avenues to brand you and your company, the possibilities are endless.  So, measure each one and see what the results are.  Where do you reasonably get the most feedback and not just positive ones either.  Feedback is feedback, whether it be positive or negative, people are talking, responding, answering, posting, etc. about you or the company.  People are going to talk!   We have to, it’s how things work in this world.
So, the next time you decide to RSVP for an event that involves having to network, don’t think twice about signing up!  Honor your positive RSVP, get out from behind the computer and GO!   Your networking efforts are always the best way to go, face to face connections are valuable, not just to get information from a group of panelists, or just to network and get loads of cards, GO!
And then, make sure you follow up with those people!  Whether it be, connecting with them on Facebook, Linkedin, LinkingRaleigh, Inside919 or some other networking community, follow up.  And then meet for coffee!  There are tons of great coffee places every where around the world.  The best connection comes from you being you and not holding back!


Southern Wake Women in Marketing, Martin Brossman helps our Women “Get” Social Media!

Share. Inspire. Connect. Empower.
This is how women network!
Join the group and

Jan. 18th
9 am
Cafe Carolina, Cameron Village
In leiu of giving out a door prize for bringing a friend, We will be collecting for’s Haiti Releif Fund. $5 is suggested or more if you can. Thanks in advance!
Social Media as a necessity for building your brand & business!
Linkedin as a Reputation Builder and Career Tool
by Martin Brossman

Linkedin is a professional network of over 55 million people worldwide—and a powerful tool for solving business tasks. Clients, prospects, managers or employees go to Linkedin to see what type of person you are. Are you sending the best message? Learn the key things you need to know about using Linkedin to get the maximum payoff for both business and career. Martin Brossman has been teaching and coaching people in gaining results with Linkedin since 2006. Martin will also include how other tools like Plaxo and Twitter relate to Linkedin. You will come away with valuable information you can use today.
Martin Brossman is the author of Brossman’s Social Media for Business Resource Guide, plus an upcoming book with co-author Greg Hyer, Linking Into Sales. Martin, a success coach, speaker and trainer, has been enthusiastically networking in the Triangle since 1982 ( ). He has originated in-person and on-line networking groups which have facilitated meaningful business connections among members. Martin’s computer science background keeps him ahead of the latest technical trends in blogging, podcasting and on-line networking. His own podcast show can be heard at . He offers consulting on how to generate profitable alliances by maximizing face-to-face and on-line presence and managing “the conversation of you” on the Web ( ) .
And if you have a Poken (Martin sure would love for you to have one!), make sure you bring it!
If not, go to to get one: http://pokenraleigh.w… biggrin
Membership fee: $25/yr will be required to attend the meetings: for supplies, contributions, speaker fees & meeting space, if required.
Attendee fee: $2 a meeting

Blinki..My Traveling Poken!

Ok, so I have had my Poken, Blinki, with me for about 2 weeks!  I am so excited, if I could just figure it all out!  I have just uploaded some new contacts and saw that I had all kinds of messages to me from twitter and I didn’t see them on my twitter account directly!  Of course I responded to all!  So sorry for the delay people!
So anyway,  I would like to add more about some of my networks and such, but haven’t figured out how to add my meetup group with my profile number.  Any help out there, I am willing to accept it.  I still am learning all this new technology! It is so much fun and interesting! Yes, I am somewhat of a techie…shhhh, don’t tell my husband, he is the techie in the house or so he thinks!
So Thanks to all my new connections and have fun shopping out there and Poken someone today!
Below is the link for my Blinki and me and Phoenix!
<img src="" width="79" height="79" alt="@martinbrossman @phoenixrmt 's #Glaurung & @cbjpromos #poken fun at #coffee&contacts Garner holiday

Networking Know How…by Christina Blandi-James

Ok, so you have gone to a networking meeting or two,  you’ve made your appearance, now what? If you have a business card folder filled to the brink of capacity, have  followed up on some of them, but to no avail, keep collecting them like it’s a hobby. I know exactly what you’re thinking…”How am I going to stand out in the crowd, remember everyone I met and of course be remembered, and get in contact with them in a timely and effective time management way?”
What is a business person to do?  Well, here are some tips to make yourself stand out in the crowd and be remembered and get that appointment or connection:

  1. First of all, be on time to any networking event or business meeting!  Precise promptness is essential.
  2. Meet and Greet.  Don’t be shy, put yourself out there..that’s what we’re there for!
  3. Introduce yourself, shake their hands, look them in the eyes and most definitely, be genuinely interested in them.  First impressions are everything!
  4. Let them know what you do for a living.  Be quick and detailed as possible.  Don’t give a long drawn out dissertation… you will lose their interest if it is!
  5. Give some examples of what you have done or who you have worked with in the past or present.
  6. Be funny…  Laughter is a common ice breaker and it makes a good impression. Smiles light up the world!
  7. Ask their advice on something.  You might have a problem that they can help solve.  Everyone wants to help others in some way and it is a good way to be viewed as an expert in your field.
  8. Always, repeat their name in the conversation at some point. And at the end..Thank them for meeting them and promise to connect with them soon.
  9. Follow through with that promise.  You will leave a lasting impression if you do.  Then call them.
  10. Lastly, You never know who you are going to meet and who that person may refer you onto someone else.  So make a great  impression and give them a unique business card or poken them! (The new, or for me it’s new…a social networking gadget that makes it easy to not loose a new contacts information, just upload it to your computer)  I just bought one…Do you Poken?

So there you have it.  10 simple and effective networking tips about how to make the most of your time when you first meet someone and be remembered. It’s  easy… just be genuine and be yourself!

Support World Habitat for Humanity Day, Oct. 5th, 2009!

An excerpts from the news release:
The United Nations has designated the first Monday each October as
World Habitat Day.”

“This year on Oct. 5 in Washington, D.C. and around the world, please join Habitat for Humanity in support of this global observance as we come together and declare that the lack of decent, affordable housing is unacceptable.
According to the United Nations, more than 100 million people in the world today are homeless. Millions more face a severe housing problem living without adequate sanitation, with irregular or no electricity supply and without adequate security.”
“Raising awareness and advocating for change are the first steps toward transforming systems that perpetuate the global plague of poverty housing. World Habitat Day serves as an important reminder that everyone must unite to ensure that everyone has a safe, decent place to call home.”
Please consider donating your time and effort to helping to build one more deserving family a home or consider a monetary donation of support toward the World Habitat for Humanity Day on OCTOBER 5TH each year.
CBJ Promotional Avenues, Christina Blandi-James is a proud supporter of this organization.

The Ten Commandments for Social Media

Here are your Ten Commandments or things you need to be doing to get in and win with social media.

  1. Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy).
  2. Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere).
  3. Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them).
  4. Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can find).
  5. Thou Shalt Podcast (often).
  6. Thou Shalt Set Alerts (immediately).
  7. Thou Shalt Comment (on a multitude of blogs).
  8. Thou Shalt Get Connected (with everyone).
  9. Thou Shalt Explore Social Media (30 minutes per week).
  10. Thou Shalt Be Creative (go forth and create creatively)!

Commandment 1. Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy)
Blog. Please. That’s the first priority. Set up a blog, a personal blog, a business blog. It’s easier than you think. Use an existing blogging site such as or or install your own branded blogging site right on your own server by using WordPress. And, WordPress is free.
Commandment 2. Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere)
Create your profiles; do it now before someone else takes them. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. That’s called cyber squatting. So get out there. Use Open Social to make filling in your profiles as easy as a click of a button.
Commandment 3. Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them)
Upload photographs. You’ve got them. Don’t upload the one with you with a lampshade on your head…counterproductive; but other photographs? Absolutely. Customers want to see and participate. You want to give people a face to go with your company.
Commandment 4. Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can find)
Videos. You all have got videos. I don’t care whether it’s training videos or customer videos, grab your video camera and go interview some of your customers. What’s better than seeing your customer’s smiley face on your Web site? And it doesn’t cost anything.
Commandment 5. Thou Shalt Podcast (often)
Podcast. If you’re too cheap to get a camera, use the free audio software that’s in your computer. That’s what I did. I created 48 audio podcasts. If you take the podcasts I did for my book and played them back-to-back, they run 24 continuous hours of interviews. You can do that. It’s free. It just takes time.
Commandment 6. Thou Shalt Set Alerts (immediately)
Set alerts. People are talking about you. You probably need to know what they are saying and you want to participate.
Commandment 7. Thou Shalt Comment (on a multitude of blogs)
Comment. Commenting is like going to a cocktail party. You wouldn’t walk into a networking event, walk up to a group of people talking, and tell them your name and what you do in your business. That would be rude and unacceptable. Listen first. Read the blogs and add comments. You can be controversial, that’s okay. But participate. Get involved.
Commandment 8. Thou Shalt Get Connected (with everyone)
Get LinkedIn. Put it in your email that you have a LinkedIn account, you have a FaceBook account, and that you have a Twitter account. Make it a part of your heading on your letterhead, because that’s how you propagate. That’s how you sell it.
Commandment 9. Thou Shalt Explore Social Media (30 minutes per week)
Explore social media. Give me thirty minutes a week, that’s all I’m asking. Friday morning grab your coffee, lock yourself in your office, and give me thirty minutes. Just Google something. I promise you within the first 30 days you will be excited. You’ll be as excited as I am. You will get excited because of the ROI.
Commandment 10. Thou Shalt Be Creative (go forth and create creatively)
And the most important commandment is creativity. That’s all. It’s just creativity and having fun. But you know what, that’s what your customers want. They want to see transparency. They want to see authenticity. They want to see you having fun. They want to be able to relate and communicate.
Tiffanie Tillman is the founder and CEO of The Virtual Professionals – A Virtual Assistant Staffing Company, specializing in Internet marketing, online administrative assistance, website & blog content management and many more services. For several years Tillman has worked with clients in all types of industries. Her teams, consisting of hundreds of virtual assistants and professionals, have varied skill-sets and professional backgrounds. To reach Tillman, call 1.800.804.0476, send an e-mail to or visit her website at .
I endorse this information and  I was given permission to repost her article.  She is a connection on for me and I am considering using her talents.