The Next Big Thing..Social Media…Oh,it’s already here!!

The Next Big Thing..Social Media...Oh,it's already here!!

Oh my gosh! Silly me, Social Media is already a big thing!!
Well, if you’re reading this, then you already knew this and the secret is out!  Imagine how many years ago…(15+) that the internet was just coming about, that AOL dial up was your ISP, and you surfed “THE NET” on a regular basis because there has been nothing like it before…That you delved into something totally new and exciting, to learn about all kinds of things. You were just like a sponge, soaking up all the information and knowledge you could get your fingers tapping about!!
Fast forward to 2015. Technology has progressed so fast and has been so integrated into today’s society, that it’s the norm to be surfing on your tablet, laptop, smart phone or gosh forbid, your desktop computer at any given time! And the millennial’s are passing us “older” folks by leaps and bounds! How are we to keep up with this generation and even compete, in the market place, in the amount of knowledge they posses so easily…like it’s second nature to them?  So, now we have to be like a sponge and soak up all that knowledge too, just in order to be in the “know”!!
The point I am trying to make is, the fact that there is so much information to consume and learn about, that we need to keep up. Not just from a personal standpoint, but a business standpoint.  It is more common to have a personal profile online on some social platform, than it is to find a business whose website is not responsive in design to accommodate the digital devices that everyone is searching for information on. If you know of a business who is not online in some capacity with at least a website, then PLEASE share with them, that if they do not have a social presence or business presence, then they will miss the boat drastically and their business growth will become stagnant or worse yet, go out of business.  Why would any business not have a website? And why would any business, who have products or a service for consumers, not have a social presence on every platform possible?  Yes, there are still businesses that do not have this mindset and are stuck in the old fashioned ways. Let’s help them get a clue!
Here are some ways to “Get with the Program”!!

  1. Sit down and focus on what this whole social media thing is all about. And “WHY” your business needs to be online and speaking or shouting out to the world socially!
  2. There is so much to learn about all the different social media platforms, and digital marketing, that it can be time consuming work….wait, that’s why there are social media managers, specialists and strategists working to make this easier for the business owners who do their best at selling their products or service!
  3. Each social media platform is devised to be utilized and entrenched in your marketing plan to reach different audiences.
  4. Decide who your target audience is, which platform your business will garner the most attention, and then “SHOUT  your clear message” to the world!
  5. THEN, tackle it! Promote your product or service Consistently, Concisely, and Clearly. The 3 C’s. And then if part of the plan is not working and your not getting enough revenue growth from your efforts to be social, then CHANGE it. So, really 4 C’s!
  6. If at any point, your business is growing by leaps and bounds, revenue is soaring thru the roof, you’re having to hire more people…so much so, that you can’t keep up with the social media posts… PLEASE hire a social media manager to help you with your continued growth! We have studied social media extensively, gone to school for it, and live it, breathe it and LOVE it!
  7. Hint: That’s where I would come in and take over the responsibility of promoting your business, event, special offers, etc!

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We are a Event Management & Marketing Services company that thrives on taking care of all businesses, digital marketing needs. Being in business for 7+ years, (almost 8 years!), we pride ourselves on strategically looking at the ‘BIG” picture and promoting your clear message across multiple media channels. If you’re not on social media, we can build it, enhance it, or promote it for you…
“Build it, and they will come!” …isn’t that what they say?

Christina Blandi


What’s in a Handshake, A Smile or the Service?

Often times we take for granted that life passes us by unnoticed. That the new neighbor moved in down the street and no one has gone to welcome them.  That a smile or a wave goes unnoticed when passing in the street or driving by.  Isn’t it time we notice and acknowledge others who are there for us, who have our backs when help is needed?
It isn’t always about who is out doing you. Or what the Jones’ are doing and how many things they have. Or about who is undercutting your service or product prices.  It’s about the relationship that gets built over time and the trust that is built from being a person of your word and being true to oneself and your principles and values.  That’s what we are raised to do.  Our Mothers who taught us right from wrong, to give or not, to show respect and scold when you disrespect.  It’s our Mothers and Fathers who gave us the foundation and examples of how we treat others. Though sometimes not always good examples have been set, but the positives that can be learned from the negative outcomes.
All this holds true in business too.  There will always be highs that go along with the lows.  There will always be lessons to be learned from tried attempts and sometimes failures.  But without these trials and tribulations, we would never acquire the perseverance to push forward in our lives to become someone, be a helping hand to pull up someone when they are down, to run a business, or make a difference.  We learn from our mistakes. We take the good with the bad.
So the next time you are going through your day, take a moment to stop and appreciate the time and dedication and respect the works of others. To show others the respect that is due and to pay it forward to help another.  Thank them for being there for you. Whether it be a friend or foe, a business colleague, the service repairman that came out to help in an emergency, or family and/or a stranger, take the time for another human being.
For you never know who needs you in their lives, or what they are going through that is not being spoken..even if but for a moment, take the time.  Personal or business…Give the love! You’ll be amazed at the results given back tenfold!  This world needs more of it!

Social Media Marketing..The REVolution

What is it about the new media that attracts so many people to being online and spending a quantified amount of time devouring, scouring and being mesmerized by this evolution of how marketing to the consumer has taken over?

I say for one thing, since I began my quest 3 years ago with my business, an Event Management and Marketing Services company, I myself have become entranced by the amount of information that is on the web to gather, research, learn, entice, socialize, and analyze the complexities and psychology of what is happening to the way people communicate their messages.

Most notably, I attended a panel discussion on Social Media Marketing, to learn or at least to confirm from experts in the field, just what kind of phenomenon that has overtaken our society and thrown us into the new wave of marketing to businesses and consumers. I was not only enlightened, but totally in tune to what they had to say and decided on the spot to: BLOG!


Some relevant Stats on Social Media and it’s use to effectively communicate a business or individual’s message:

Facebook ALONE:
* More than 500 million active users
* 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
* Average user has 130 friends
* People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
Activity on Facebook
* There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages)
* Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
* Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
* More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.
Global Reach
* More than 70 translations available on the site
* About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States
* Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application
* There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
* People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
* There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products
Twitter…To Tweet or not to Tweet:

Here are some of the questions and answers of some of the top experts and “people in the know” about Social Media Marketing,
with a big Thanks going to Race Point Group who hosted the discussion before Linkedin Live in Raleigh, Nov. 9, 2010:
* Paul Gillin – Author, The New Influences
* Chuck Hester – Communications Director, iContact & Host, LinkedIn Live
* Pamela Meek – Senior Director of External Communications, SAS Institute
* Dan London – Director of Online Marketing, ShareFile
Interactive Panel Discussion Questions:
? How are Companies organizing their strategies around Social Media:
Pamela Meek: “We are creating a central management system to monitor, analyze and update the integration in the overall core structure of the company.”
Dan London: “We monitor SEO, demographics and other aspects on a daily basis”
Paul: “The culture of social media model must match the company culture.”
? How do Businesses use the technology to effectively communicate its message:

Chuck: “They say that Facebook is the “Backyard BBQ” culture and that Linkedin.com is the “Office/Business community” culture. To get messages across to the consumer and/or other businesses, one must effectively communicate in the Linkedin groups and answer questions in the related field.”
? How are regions influential in the use of Social Media:
Pamela: “It’s primarily US-based and is being seen and heard by other countries that are getting trained to effectively communicate a message.”
Paul: “Some of the most notable Facebook users are from Denmark and Asia. With the least active FB users coming from Germany” “As for Bloggers the region most active is Korea and Texters being from India”
? What Works well and What are the Barriers with Social Media
Dan: “It is very much data driven to measure the ROI of Social Media. With a big effort in the employee culture to drive the presence of the companies. It helps having the employees say good things about a company, it is a testimonial as to how a company treats them.”
? Is paid Media (traditional print, direct marketing, etc.) in B2B still effective and What is the Relevance to the Sales Mix
Paul: “Print media is down, ad dollars and subscriptions, because it has become a digital world. The mix has to be more diversified than before and leaning more toward digital.”
Pamela: “It is still the same budget allotments as before, only more emphasis is directed toward “where the eyeballs are” focusing their time. YouTube, Business communities, Google, etc.”
? Is the B2B culture aggregating Content in their own Social Communities
Pamela: ” Knowledge exchanges and feeding content into the communities that build links into others is the hybrid approach to gaining more exposure.”
Paul: ” Communities and B2B go together and members are feeding these communities with content.”
Chuck: “Communities monitoring the content and watching for spamming is key to building it.”
Dan: “You have to engage the customer to do posts, make comments, and post links. It is how Goggle is indexing it and coming up high in searches.”
? What are some of the Social Media Marketing tools and what is measured
Pamela: ” Volume, competitors, trends, business analytics is important to determining if something is working”
Dan: ArgileSocail.com “is a good software we use to measure all the different platforms. It tracks leads, & ROI for each of them”
Paul: “Lifetime value of a customer = Value of lead and paired with the unique tracking code, in turns gives you the source of where your lead comes from”
Chuck: ” Managing the expectations and managing the expectations of the sale and where the lead is coming from is a must.”
? Lastly, What is the wisdom behind company Social Media Marketing and How it is Planned
Pamela: ” Marketing is being driven by Social media presence with Hits, Mentions, tweet, likes, and so forth. It has the appeal factor built-in and going viral”
Chuck: ” Integrated communications. Making sure that all involved in what is being driven to the market is coordinated and departmental cohesive. Reputations can be and will be destroyed by a bad experience and if you’re not watching it and being counter intuitive to what is put out there digitally.”
Dan: “Education and monitoring what is put out there, especially Twitter.”

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Dare to Dream! by Christina Blandi-James

“Always Keep Your Eye on Your Target Market!
I am my own believer
In my heart the reason
I will follow the light from within
I’m not afraid of weakness
I’m gonna taste the sweetness
Of the power not to give in
Oh I will see it through
I believe this is my moment of truth…I will go the distance
Embrace resistance
I will lay my soul on the line
When the wait is over
And the hunger has spoken
If I give my all,I will shine
Oh I will see it through
I believe, this is my moment of truth
*Parts of the lyrics from Olivia Newton John*

I have always said, “ I am my own worst enemy…”  but where do I get this from?  I have learned over the years that if I dare to dream, only I can make things happen.
Through all my struggles when I grew up, learning hard lessons from my father and grandfather about “if you give an inch, you will receive tenfold back”, and how to take the “higher road” even if you can’t see the lesson to learn.  I continue to enlighten myself with the positive cheers not only from my supporters and champions, but from myself. If a negative situation arises in your life, look at it head on and take the positive from it.  God always has a reason for the way things happen.  It is up to you to see it in a new light.
It has to come from within.  If you can learn to believe in others then you can learn to believe in yourself.
There is a reason why each of us decided to embark on the most challenging task of all in life, to become an entrepreneur.  We have a dream!  We believe in our capabilities to endure the test, to become an inventor, a dreamer, or an owner of the best parts of us, our skills and knowledge!  It’s our soul that gives us our passions.  I believe that if we follow our hearts, our minds and our souls, our passions can take us to places that we never heard of.
We may not always continue on the path that we went to school to learn, and our soul’s path may have taken us down another road.  Our soul has been speaking to us, our supporters have been telling us to pursue our dreams!
Isn’t it time to listen to our hearts and souls and learn from others to achieve those goals?  One person can not know everything there is to know about running a business.  We sometimes do not know everything about income taxes or corporate taxes, that is what a supporter like Laurice is for!  We don’t know everything or have the time to devote to marketing or event planning, that is what I am here for! Or we need some insight into how to strategize our business plans and manage our projects or give you steps on time management, that is Tonya’s expertise!   It is our best asset to realize that sometimes we need the help of others to help guide us so we can grow from those experiences.
My suggestions to help you dream!
*Network, find others in the areas of expertise you do not know and develop your knowledge.
*Network to reach out and teach someone else.
*Impart your wisdom and expertise to a non profit, volunteer your time.  You might just gain some more exposure, at the same time as contributing to the community and giving back.  It really does make a person feel good!
*Don’t be afraid, pick up the phone and make that cold call! Set the appointment. ASK for the appointment. When you are direct, you will more likely land the appt.
*When you call someone, introduce yourself, not just the company.  Make it more personal, they are more likely to respond.  And try to make a joke in there some where.  Laughter eases the awkwardness of a cold call!
*Most of all, BELIEVE, in yourself and your capabilities. Learn the hard lessons and to not make the same mistakes again. Only you can make your dreams come true!
We are all here today to help each other.  There is a reason why God has given us each other.  To help, to grow, to guide, to inspire, and to teach others!

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Being Thankful…

When is the last time you said Thank you to some one for enlightening you on a lesson to be learned?
Sometimes we need to step back and see what others see and consider their points of view and see if there is a lesson to learn.
My belief is that we are meant to be life long learners.  Not only academically, but from people that come into your life for a reason.  You may not know it at the time, but God has his reasons for bringing them into your life.  Listen and Learn.  And take the “Higher Road” and Thank  God…Thank God for teaching you to be humble enough to learn those lessons.  For only HE will be by your side..and “have your back”

Ft. Hood Blessings…

Bless the ones killed and their families, at Ft. Hood. My husband was stationed there when he served for our country several years ago.