Keep in the Front of Your Customers Mind

There always comes a point in time that we, as marketing/sales people have to use our manners!    In our society, fast paced and always trying to stay ahead of the game, we need to know just how much our manners, when used, shows our customers just how much we appreciate their business. We must take the opportunity  to practice what our “Mamas” taught us and say our pleases and thank you’s.
Here are nine opportunities to send a “thank you,” plus when and how to do it effectively.
1. When customers do business with you, every time or even the first time!
2. When they compliment you.
3. When clients offer comments or suggestions.
4. When customers try something you recommended.
5. When customers recommend you.
6. When customers are patient, or not so patient. Our clients help us, word of mouth is a powerful thing.
7. When clients say “no” to you.  It might not be “no” next time! They might just be struck enough with your poise and attitude, that they could say “yes” the next time you ask!
8. Just Because your Mama taught you  right!
9. Send a personalized card.
Marketing Tips by Christina Blandi-James

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