Redirect your vision….

and stick to the plan. Have you ever had this happen to you professionally. Nothing makes you wonder more than something like this. One thing is being said and then the shift happens and it’s within hours of it and parts of your world changes. Professionally speaking, yes, you got to roll with the punches and go with the flow. You did your best, and sometimes your best intentions don’t always match others. It’s like, “Gee, so glad I could help you with your epiphany, and clarify the direction, without my professional services.” It’s ok. Life happens and hopefully for the better. Redirect yourself, refocus on your goal and stick to your vision at hand, and move on.
Life is full of surprises. How did Forest Gump say it? “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” So true.

Lessons Learned and Capitalizing on them! Perseverance….

I recently began my newest side of my venture, event planning. I have been thrilled to be back in the industry where I grew up and first fell in love with it as a career. After having gone through several years of being absent and raising a young family (they are teens now) and realizing that kind of life (10-12= hours a day) was not conducive to family life, I have reentered the way of life on my terms! I have been able to incorporate planning events into my already existing promotional marketing company. The added dimension has blossomed into something with so many possibilities for the future. I have appreciated the clients that have given me the influence to create the ideas I presented and have seen the value in raising their profiles in the marketplace. As well as having realized the value of being a part of two of my newest clients, and MA Engineering, organizations. So Thanks to Greg @LinkingRaleigh and Arvin Manitkala of MA Engineering. Thanks guys! You’re the best. I will continue to help you all attain the exposure in the market place of events helping the members of and its members gain their next opportunity and gaining more web and marketing knowledge.
In times as uncertain as these, with the market going up and down like a yo yo, I have been able to build upon something so innate to me as breathing is. Event planning has captured my heart once again and it flutters with every success I bring to the table! The thrill of it all, it really is not work at all. This passion that has captured me once again, is the same kind of passion I wish for everyone. At the time, before his passing before my upcoming marriage to my then fiance, my future father in law gave me the same advice my Dad did when I was trying to decide what to do with my life, “Always Follow Your Heart” So true are these words. I have finally begun to understand these words as my wisdom and experience has taught me. And my kids see what the perseverance efforts and feeling of pride can bring and I hope it rubs off on them and their decisions for life.

FREE Home Buyer’s Seminar: Take Advantage of the Tax Credit & Low interest rates!

Are you ready to jump in and take the plunge? Have you been thinking about taking advantage of the 1st Time Home buyers credit or the Move up Repeat buyers $6,500 credit?? Did you know the offer runs out April 30th?
Seminar will include in depth information on the entire home buying process, featuring:
*Mortgage Lendor
*Home Inspector
And answering the Tax Credit questions :
* Frequently asked questions about the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit.
* Frequently asked questions about the $6,500 tax credit for repeat home buyers.
* Some key points for prospective home buyers.
* Special rules that apply to members of the military, the foreign service and the intelligence community
The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 has extended the tax credit of up to $8,000 for qualified first-time home buyers purchasing a principal residence. It also authorized a tax credit of up to $6,500 for qualified repeat home buyers.
*As noted by the National Association of Home Builders
Event Coordination by: CBJ Promotional Avenues

The Art Wanderer! Jo Cicci

Jo Cicci’s art transcends the likes of many famous artists, while creating her own unique style! Anywhere from portraits to landscapes, her style is fresh and inviting!
Featured artist of the month in March at Electric Beanz, Jo, will be demonstrating on March 12th between 6-8 pm. Along with some smooth Jazz, 7-9pm! Come out and enjoy….while sipping on a cup of java!
Time: March 12, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm
Location: Electric Beanz
Street: 8109 Fayetteville Road Suite 113
City/Town: Raleigh, NC, 27603
Website or Map: http://outsidethelines.sitesvp
Phone: 522-6209

Event Coordination by: CBJ Promotional Avenues

Spring into Style!

Be the first to find out all the latest in beauty inspired by spring’s hottest runway trend. You’ll get all the latest application tips and tricks for a fashion-forward, fresh look. Plus, you’ll get lots of great one-on-one attention from my beauty adviser. And while you’re hanging out with me and the girls, you also can feel great that you’re doing something good – you’re partying with a purpose. You’re supporting a Company that does good. And that’s always in fashion. Can’t wait to see you!
Time: March 11, 2010 from 6:30pm to 9pm
Location: Marriott Crabtree
Street: 4500 Marriott Dr
City/Town: Raleigh, NC 27612 US
Website or Map:
Phone: 919-414-6717
*Marriott encourages us to order dinner! So come hungry! They have really good food!
Event Coordination by: CBJ Promotional Avenues names CBJ Promotional Avenues as its Event Management Company

Raleigh, NC. – Greg Hyer, Founder of, is pleased to
announce that Christina Blandi-James, President at CBJ Promotional Avenues will
serve as primary organizer of upcoming networking events, seminars and job fairs.
CBJ Promotional Avenues is an Event Management and Promotional Marketing
company based in the Raleigh-Durham area that helps small to medium sized
businesses gain the exposure in the market place through events, promotional
marketing materials and promotional products. Christina will take the lead role in
planning and coordinating the majority of’s events.
Currently, Christina is accepting proposals for venues and sponsorship opportunities.
For more information, please contact: was founded in April 2008 and has quickly grown to become
one of the largest local professional and business networking groups in the Triangle
with over 8500 members. Most members are part of the Linking Raleigh, NC group
on (’s
mission is to connect local professionals and businesses with the next opportunity.
Greg Hyer, Founder of, does this by offering free job postings
on the OpenLink job board until unemployment comes back down to 6%, press
release submissions, community contributors, and a social networking site that rivals
that of others.
In the coming weeks Hyer and James expect to introduce new events for members
of and anyone interested in becoming part of this
professional and business network.
To learn more please visit
ABOUT LINKINGRALEIGHNC.COM is a professional and business networking group and media
resource serving the Triangle area. Site features include a professional online
networking community, advice from local experts, local job board, events calendar,
business directory, blogs, and free press release submissions. organizes professional networking events focused on
promoting on and offline networking as well as local business growth. Events
currently include OpenLink – An open and free to attend networking event sponsored
by local businesses, SpeedLink – The speed networking event for the Triangle is
designed to bring efficiency to professional networking, and UpLink – a luncheon for
small businesses and professionals to hear from local subject matter experts on
topics that are critical to understand.
CBJ Promotional Avenues is a Triangle area event planning and promotional
marketing company that prides itself on taking care of its clients and putting 110%
into a project using a team approach to accomplish all the tasks needed. Created in
August of 2007, CBJ Promotional Avenues vision is based on the belief that all
businesses, small and large, require the exposure in the market in a variety of ways.
Whether it be through events, promotional products, promotional marketing material,
the marketing has to make a statement about that particular company and what it
has to offer the consumer or business.

Upcoming NEWS!

In the next week or so, I will be announcing some major news, not only for me, but my company, CBJ Promotional Avenues! I almost can’t wait to make the announcement……Pinch me, so I can hold back just a bit longer!!!
Events, happenings, big news for CBJ Promotional Avenues! Let’s see where will it be announced?

Sacred Heart Cathedral School 3rd annual Knight’s Open

Christina Blandi-James @ CBJ Promotional Avenues once again and for her last year, organizes the charity golf tournament to raise funds for Sacred Heart Cathedral School. The charity golf tournament has been taking place for about 8 years to help the efforts of the athletic department for the school. But since Christina became the volunteer organizer for the tournament, it has become quite the charity golf tournament involving the local business community and involving many volunteer in its efforts to provide the kids with much needed equipment, uniforms, referee fees, etc. This year, 2010, Cathedral School plans on raising as much needed funds to be able to purchase an activity bus to transport the athletes as well as for school field trips.
This year is special! After Cathedral Schools many activities for its Centennial year last year, we are celebrating with a combined effort to raise funds, not only with the yearly golf tournament, but also a Casino/Auction Knight to raise the funds. All in one BIG weekend event! yes, quite the undertaking, but well worth the efforts to help such a special school.
Please join us in helping to raise our funds for the kids. We want to be able to provide the best possible environment to enjoy life outside of school with its athletics and field trips! Thank you in advance and please, please join us in having some fun! See the link to register…

Just When you think you can Breathe…

Along comes another wave! This is how a business feels when it’s doing good things! Not only have I been busy since I “word of mouth advertising” announced that I can help businesses coordinate their events, but it has been an awesome adrenaline rush! These feelings bring back so many memories of my working for my Dad growing up in the restaurant business…I guess what they say is true, “you really never get it out of your blood” And I haven’t. I had tried for years, to not have anything to do with coordinating and planning anything to do with food, vendors, events, even attending events, (BORING!) But, to no avail, here I am, back again and this time in full throttle mode!
During my time that I was taking my many years long break from being a foodie, I still had some of my hand in it, much to my delight! Being PTA President, Publicity Chair and Cultural Arts Chair for the kids schools, kept me going and my love affair alive! I never really fully understood why my Dad was away so much for “The Restaurant” as my mother so fondly put it, but now I do. It is a true love affair with the rush of all the excitement of planning, coordinating all the vendors, creating a look and the feel of the atmosphere (whether it be for relaxing or giving in nature), the endless visions do not stop.
It is Sunday, the day of rest, and what was my mind thinking at 7 am in the morning, fundraising ideas for a new client I am helping to create ideas and helping to plan with a group…. Help me, Help them!
I know my visions and dreams will not stop, at least my dreams of opening a restaurant have dissipated for now, and I know my love affair with the look and feel of an event will live on! It’s exciting to me! It truly does not feel like work to me…that is what is driving me to always be better. I know my Dad taught me this indirectly, but I do hope to pass the passion and drive onto my kids and I hope they take on the world, like I want to!!!
Live your life, live your dream, it’s what makes us who we are!

Valentine’s Day Makeovers!

Be the first to find out all the latest in beauty inspired by spring’s hottest runway trend. You’ll get all the latest application tips and tricks for a fashion-forward, fresh look. Plus, you’ll get lots of great one-on-one attention from my beauty adviser. And while you’re hanging out with me and the girls, you also can feel great that you’re doing something good – you’re partying with a purpose.
You’re supporting a Company that does good. And that’s always in fashion. Can’t wait to see you!
Mary Kay is a green inspired company that started with a positive circle of influence, to do good works and give back to the community.
It’s partying with a purpose, and it couldn’t be prettier.
So relax. Enjoy the quality pretty time you deserve today! You want to look good for your MAN!
Special of the evening:I will pick a “Mystery Hostess” for a demonstration and the winner gets to choice a Hostess Gift of either Free Product, A Discount or actual Gift.
RSVP no later than Feb. 8
We will meet in the restaurant in the back Library room.
*guests are highly suggested to order a meals.