Snow in Raleigh and School is out!

Well, going into Friday night here in Raleigh, with the threat of a snowstorm, is always quite the experience! Since I am a Northerner,but I have lived 1/2 my life in the South, snow is a passing fancy here. The city shuts down and doesn’t provide enough salt coverage to warrant not slipping on some ice occasionally. This is because they don’t want to invest in equipment and salt. I don’t blame them. It is not often we do get snow, but ice is more than a possibility. But it is funny to me, that the whole city and schools shut down over a couple of inches of snow!
Anyway, enough of my soap box, you get my message! The kids are home and they have had their fun this weekend! Now if we could just clean off the roads, get them back to school and being constructive, I would be much more thrilled! I had some time to play in the snow, walk the dog, and threw some fist fulls of snow with the kids, but enough! Let the sun shine down on Raleigh!!
*I don’t doubt school will be out again tomorrow!

Life Happens, Pretty Place Party!

Sometimes it’s hard to feel pretty. But now is the perfect time to de-stress by getting together with the girls for a feel-good party. Set yourself up for 2010 and put on your best face. You’ll not only reconnect with your pretty place, but also feel good knowing you’re supporting a company that does good.
Location: Mimi’s Cafe/Cary Towne Center
Time: 6:30 pm check in, begins @ 7 pm-9 pm
Mary Kay is a green inspired company that started with a positive circle of influence, to do good works and give back to the community.
It’s partying with a purpose, and it couldn’t be prettier.
So relax. Enjoy the quality pretty time you deserve today!
*guests are suggested to order their own meals.

The Raleigh Event and Wedding Professionals Group goes on a roadtrip to Durham!

The group is open to individuals who can offer their services to event professionals offering special events, corporate and bridal occasion. If you know anyone who might be a good fit for the group and could also impart their expertise, bring them!
Join the group and RSVP on visit us at next weeks meeting!

Jan. 21st
6-8 pm
Greystone Inn

In leiu of giving out a door prize for bringing a friend, We will be collecting for’s Haiti Releif Fund. $5 is suggested or more if you can. Thanks in advance!
Brief History of Greystone Inn:
Greystone is rich in Durham history. Built for James Edward Stagg and Mary Washington Lyon Stagg — both descendants of the philanthropic Duke family– Greystone is the last standing private residence in Durham Built by Duke Descendants. The Staggs began building their home in 1906. The dressed limestone and pressed yellow brick you see at Greystone Inn, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church and the East Campus of Duke University all come from the Greystone Rock Quarry of Vance County that was owned by Mr. Stagg. Thus, his naming the home “Greystone”. Greystone was completed in 1910, in time for its first historic event: a holiday tea honoring the coronation of Duke University President, William P. Few…..
more information: http://www.greystonei…

Southern Wake Women in Marketing, Martin Brossman helps our Women “Get” Social Media!

Share. Inspire. Connect. Empower.
This is how women network!
Join the group and

Jan. 18th
9 am
Cafe Carolina, Cameron Village
In leiu of giving out a door prize for bringing a friend, We will be collecting for’s Haiti Releif Fund. $5 is suggested or more if you can. Thanks in advance!
Social Media as a necessity for building your brand & business!
Linkedin as a Reputation Builder and Career Tool
by Martin Brossman

Linkedin is a professional network of over 55 million people worldwide—and a powerful tool for solving business tasks. Clients, prospects, managers or employees go to Linkedin to see what type of person you are. Are you sending the best message? Learn the key things you need to know about using Linkedin to get the maximum payoff for both business and career. Martin Brossman has been teaching and coaching people in gaining results with Linkedin since 2006. Martin will also include how other tools like Plaxo and Twitter relate to Linkedin. You will come away with valuable information you can use today.
Martin Brossman is the author of Brossman’s Social Media for Business Resource Guide, plus an upcoming book with co-author Greg Hyer, Linking Into Sales. Martin, a success coach, speaker and trainer, has been enthusiastically networking in the Triangle since 1982 ( ). He has originated in-person and on-line networking groups which have facilitated meaningful business connections among members. Martin’s computer science background keeps him ahead of the latest technical trends in blogging, podcasting and on-line networking. His own podcast show can be heard at . He offers consulting on how to generate profitable alliances by maximizing face-to-face and on-line presence and managing “the conversation of you” on the Web ( ) .
And if you have a Poken (Martin sure would love for you to have one!), make sure you bring it!
If not, go to to get one: http://pokenraleigh.w… biggrin
Membership fee: $25/yr will be required to attend the meetings: for supplies, contributions, speaker fees & meeting space, if required.
Attendee fee: $2 a meeting

Welcome 2010! New experiences….

I can’t believe how fast 2009 rushed in and went out! A new decade, wow! I was just hanging out on the first day of 2010, watching the Bowl games, as I noted this all to my husband, remembering our New Year’s Eve party of Y2K! Amazing how fast time flies, things change, kids grow up and become teenagers and how much I still have to accomplish!
So let’s see, as some of you who personally know me, I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Proud of that, can you tell?!!! It’s really funny that I live in another city and in the past few days of 2009, I have met 4 Pittsburghers! And we all have something in common, as well as, interests that are the same as mine. It is really a small world everyone!
I truly believe in the power of attraction…if you open yourself up to new experiences and places, it is amazing the people you will meet and what they will add to your life! I Thank God every day for that because if it weren’t for some of those opened experiences, I would not be where I am today with my business and all the friends that have added value and meaning to my life.
So, some food for thought to help us grow:
That learning which thou gettest by thy own observation and experience, is far beyond that which thou gettest by precept; as the knowledge of a traveler exceeds that which is got by reading.
Thomas à Kempis

Holly Day for Southern Wake Women in Marketing Networking group, Dec. 21st!

What a great, social Holly Day for the Ladies of Southern Wake Women in Marketing Networking group!
We gabbed, we shared about our businesses, and we got a little bit pampered!
We had the best, with a touch of elegance, kinds of breakfast treats a busy business woman could have: quiche, fresh fruit, bagels and cream cheese and loads more! Everyone liked their ‘White Elephant” presents and we even donated some proceeds from the group, as well as from the individual members, toward our own member CJ Scarlets, The Kindness Cure and the Angel Tree, they are giving toward for a deserving child’s Christmas present!
Thanks Ladies, it was special!

CBJ PromotionalAvenues accepts organizer position for Meetup group..

Hot off the presses…Christina will now be organizing the social and educational networking meetings for The Raleigh Wedding & Event Professionals Meetup group!
Check it out and see some of the places we go! It will be a barrel of fun and informational meetings where you are sure to learn and socialize your way to more referrals, contacts and gain strategic partnerships!
Join us!

Tis the Season….

Be Merry, spread the cheer and stand out from the crowd! Give back to your community by volunteering, give a gift for the Angel Tree, Food Drive Donation or donating those coats, gloves or hats. Someone needs your help….and it will come back to you tenfold!
What are you doing to spread the cheer and warmth?

Blinki..My Traveling Poken!

Ok, so I have had my Poken, Blinki, with me for about 2 weeks!  I am so excited, if I could just figure it all out!  I have just uploaded some new contacts and saw that I had all kinds of messages to me from twitter and I didn’t see them on my twitter account directly!  Of course I responded to all!  So sorry for the delay people!
So anyway,  I would like to add more about some of my networks and such, but haven’t figured out how to add my meetup group with my profile number.  Any help out there, I am willing to accept it.  I still am learning all this new technology! It is so much fun and interesting! Yes, I am somewhat of a techie…shhhh, don’t tell my husband, he is the techie in the house or so he thinks!
So Thanks to all my new connections and have fun shopping out there and Poken someone today!
Below is the link for my Blinki and me and Phoenix!
<img src="" width="79" height="79" alt="@martinbrossman @phoenixrmt 's #Glaurung & @cbjpromos #poken fun at #coffee&contacts Garner holiday

Can you believe it? Netgear USB connectivity to internet, works when it has gone thru the wash! It was my mistake and it was in my pants and got washed!