Sponsorships are being accepted for Sacred Heart Cathedral School, 3rd Annual Knight’s Open Golf Tournament, April 16th, 2010

Save the Date Everyone!
If you love golf and it goes with helping keep children active, then you’ll want to stay tuned to more information on the upcoming golf tournament I am planning!  Be there at River Ridge Golf Club for a great round of golf, great prizes and contests,  food, BEER, and good old fashioned “hanging out” with some great folks!  I am sooo… looking forward to a good round  of competitive golf!
All the proceeds go to support Sacred Heart Cathedral School’s Athletic Department.  At Cathedral, we strive to keep our kids busy and active, in light of all the hard ball academics that is required to be at Cathedral.  They say kids need an outlet for thier being structured during their school days.  Well at Cathedral, they have many after school activities to choose from and to get involved.  The kids not only learn their academics, but have the chance to practice team building skills, comradarie, sportsmanship and going for the gusto with a “winning” attitude!
We have different levels of sponsorship available and more information will be posted soon!   Contact me @
Save the Date!

Dave Ramsey suggests setting up a budget for your finances as well as your life! Sound advice.Life is short folks,plan it and then have fun.

What are you going to be on this 2009 Halloween Night? Spooky..Happy..Silly…wierd…like my son!

What does an image say about a person?

I looked in the mirror this morning and I noticed what I didn’t really want to see.  I am getting older and I looked tired.  This is all stated in my head.  And of course being the woman that I am, and most of us are, I asked my husband how I looked.  Did he hold back?  No.  He politely commented on how it has been a while since I changed my hairstyle and I needed to get more sleep at night and not walk the floors thinking about my business.  Wow!  What a way to wake up!  Thanks Honey!
Well, that did prompt me to seriously look at my reflection and see just how I did look, instead of hurriedly getting ready to hit the pavement for a meeting or work on research for party planning.  So yes, that prompted me to think…How did I look to my clients and prospects?  Did I look tired and pale from not enough sleep?  Does any person who takes care of teenagers running around, running a household, doing laundry so everyone is clothed, cooking and oh yeah, working or trying to build a business from scratch in this kind of an economy, look tired and somewhat run down?  YES!
But, I can improve that!  So I took the time today to go get an updated new hairdo!!!  Little did I know, just how uplifting it was to just sit there, not “run around like a chicken with its head cut off”, and read a magazine while the foil sit on top of my head for my new highlights!  After she got done cutting off about two inches and ages off my hair, I was rejuvenated!  And my smile showed it!  Wow, what a little change can do for a person’s spirit!
Ok, so as I am writing this, my teenage daughter was cooking hard boiled eggs, left it on the stove and now the smoke alarm is going off! NO, I don’t look tired!!  But I got a new hairstyle and feel rejuvenated!
So, the point I am trying to make is… think how you look every time you walk out that door.  Whether it be to go to a networking meeting, meeting with a client or prospect,or picking up the kids from school…you never know who you are going to run into and what your image says about you.  You must always look your best, even when your not at your best!

What have you done for your Community Lately?

Helping another organization where they need volunteers to keep their momentum going for an event or fundraising is a worthwhile feeling. Helping others , not only helps them, but it also helps you and possibly your business image! The power of helping adds to your character as a person,it helps the organization, and it is paying it forward without expecting anything in return. Think about it! Look for a cause to help today!

It’s a great day in Raleighwood! Make it the best! Life is too short, live it to the fullest!

Guest Post: 10 ways to show a little sympathy to your donors (�to-your-donorsguest-post-10-ways-to-show-a-little-sympathy-to-your-donors/ )

Support World Habitat for Humanity Day, Oct. 5th, 2009!

An excerpts from the news release:
The United Nations has designated the first Monday each October as
World Habitat Day.”

“This year on Oct. 5 in Washington, D.C. and around the world, please join Habitat for Humanity in support of this global observance as we come together and declare that the lack of decent, affordable housing is unacceptable.
According to the United Nations, more than 100 million people in the world today are homeless. Millions more face a severe housing problem living without adequate sanitation, with irregular or no electricity supply and without adequate security.”
“Raising awareness and advocating for change are the first steps toward transforming systems that perpetuate the global plague of poverty housing. World Habitat Day serves as an important reminder that everyone must unite to ensure that everyone has a safe, decent place to call home.”
Please consider donating your time and effort to helping to build one more deserving family a home or consider a monetary donation of support toward the World Habitat for Humanity Day on OCTOBER 5TH each year.
CBJ Promotional Avenues, Christina Blandi-James is a proud supporter of this organization.

Advertising Specialties/Promotional Products Rep.

Promotional Products is a booming 19 billion dollar industry! Extremely rewarding B2B outside sales opportunity. Top commissions paid daily. No collection, no inventory, no deliveries, no territory. Be a part of a team effort to grow your dreams into successes. Part time or Full time.
-2- 5 years previous B2B sales exp.
-Detailed oriented and consistent contact management
-Ability to work from home w/ internet access
-“Can do” attitude with previous history of sales volume generated
-background in advertising, marketing or promotional marketing
Forward resume and coverletter to:
Christina Blandi-James @ CBJ Promotional Avenues

Great media event, Meet the New Media, @ the Angus Barn/The Pavillions today! Thanks Rebecca for the great insight and leads for contacts to the media!