Procrastination….Where does it get you?

I for one, am a recovering procrastinator. There I said it! I am outed by my past I am a whole lot more in tune with what needs to be done and accomplished by a certain deadline. I have actually taught myself to overcome this bad habit, mainly because I got tired of nothing ever getting done. Boy is that irritating, when someone expects you to get something done and they nag and nag until you go crazy. Now, I actually love smiling when someone asks about a task that I already did!!! Yes, right now I am referring to my husband!!
Now I am not saying that I get everything done on time and don’t put off some things, because some things are better accomplished at a later time when another priority has to take precedence. No one on this planet is perfect. Period. But, as a whole, it is always better to get things accomplished than putting it off to another day. Then another day comes and goes, and another , and another. Then before you know it, it is two years later and some one is still asking for it to be done. Ugh. Please don’t practice procrastination in your professional arena. Not a good thing, you just might get FIRED.
Definition of Procrastination by Wikipedia:
It refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

Accomplishing Procrastination: Where Does it Get You?

1) Nowhere!
2) It only leads to more anxious behaviors = STRESS
3) Decreased productivity = More STRESS and Disapproval of your peers and employer for not completing a project or task in time.
4) Physiological (distractability by other stimuli) and Psychological (not confident in the task to be completed) behaviors
5) Two common types of Procrastinators
a) Relaxed – ” Oh, I will get to it” type and time passes quickly before it is addressed again
b) Tense/Afraid – “Oh my gosh, I am not sure if I can do this all by myself, this is just too much” attitude. Not enough confidence in your ability to complete the task and even avoidance of it.
6) Perfectionism – The over zealous person who is not satisfied with the task at hand, until it is absolutely right. Overly critical of oneself and others ability to get the task done and on time.
So my question to ask ourselves is this Procrastination behavior a Habit or a Disorder? Or can we re-teach ourselves to overcome the behaviors with self-control?
Is it a learned behavior that we have been shown by our parents or others in the quest to put off everything?
Our parents are our examples, right? Or can we learn from theirs and others examples to never Procrastinate in order to get the job done and on time?

So here are some Procrastination behaviors that most of us are guilty of doing:
* Go get another cup of coffee
* Get a snack
* Answer email during the most important part of the assignment
* Go on Facebook or Tweet! And during work time, shame on you!!
* Doing a household chore if you are a home based business ( I am guilty!)
* Daydreaming
* Go talk to a co-worker
* Going out to lunch when you aren’t even close to get the task done by 1 pm.
How to avoid Procrastination and earn the right to “blow off some time”:
* Write the rough draft of the proposal and then take 10 minutes to daydream or log onto Facebook
* Call 5 leads and set appointments and then go get a cup of coffee
* Enter your weekly bookkeeping or expense transactions and then you can call a “Pal” to chit-chat.
You can change your Procrastination behavior and over come the stigma of being one.
1) Stick to the plan
2) Don’t avoid the task or project
3) Stay positive that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
4) Feel the sense of accomplishment.
Of course, you will then have to deal with all the accolades of the positive outpouring from your co-workers and boss, but then again, aren’t you doing what you are supposed to be doing and getting it done on time? And in the end, get the BIG bonus!! In a perfect world, right?
There, I finally got this post done!! LOL!
Written and copyrighted by CBJ Promotional Avenues, Christina Blandi-James

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