Quality in BioPharma Conference, Oct. 18th, BTEC Facility at N.C. State. University

Raleigh, October 8, 2010: Microbes it turns out, have a preference for community. During the last 30 years, research has confirmed that many bacteria prefer existing in communities, protected by tough outer coatings known as biofilms.
Biofilms show up in medicine and industry in very bad ways as treatment-resistant infections and process contaminations. Every year, complications from these cost human lives and millions of dollars in medical and manufacturing costs.
The 2nd Annual Quality in Biopharma Conference (Oct. 18, 2010) features a panel presentation on this important topic. The daylong event will be held at BTEC, North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus (http://www.btec.ncsu.edu) in Raleigh, NC.
Register now! for this local event and benefit from the intellectual exchange. www.qualityinbiopharma.com .
Lucia Clontz, Ph.D. of Merck Biomanufacturing Network, RTP Site opens the panel at 3:15 p.m., entitled Contamination Control by Design©: Preventing Biofilms in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. It includes 3 presentations with overviews of the science of biofilms and anti-biofilm technologies, their significance to the pharmaceutical industry, and suggestions on how to develop proactive strategies to prevent and deal with biofilms.
The daylong event also features talks on effective environmental monitoring and contamination control, as well as local case studies and hands-on product demonstrations.
This conference is relevant for anyone involved in microbiology, quality control and quality assurance, as well as engineers and related manufacturing personnel.
Registration for the day conference is $79 and includes a continental breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks. Online registration is available at: www.qualityinbiopharma.com/Register.html.
For more information, please see the conference website at www.qualityinbiopharma.com or contact the conference chairperson Stewart Jason directly at (910) 232-5984 or by email at: Stew@kberg.info.

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