Snow in Raleigh and School is out!

Well, going into Friday night here in Raleigh, with the threat of a snowstorm, is always quite the experience! Since I am a Northerner,but I have lived 1/2 my life in the South, snow is a passing fancy here. The city shuts down and doesn’t provide enough salt coverage to warrant not slipping on some ice occasionally. This is because they don’t want to invest in equipment and salt. I don’t blame them. It is not often we do get snow, but ice is more than a possibility. But it is funny to me, that the whole city and schools shut down over a couple of inches of snow!
Anyway, enough of my soap box, you get my message! The kids are home and they have had their fun this weekend! Now if we could just clean off the roads, get them back to school and being constructive, I would be much more thrilled! I had some time to play in the snow, walk the dog, and threw some fist fulls of snow with the kids, but enough! Let the sun shine down on Raleigh!!
*I don’t doubt school will be out again tomorrow!

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