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Just When you think you can Breathe…

Along comes another wave! This is how a business feels when it’s doing good things! Not only have I been busy since I “word of mouth advertising” announced that I can help businesses coordinate their events, but it has been an awesome adrenaline rush! These feelings bring back so many memories of my working for my Dad growing up in the restaurant business…I guess what they say is true, “you really never get it out of your blood” And I haven’t. I had tried for years, to not have anything to do with coordinating and planning anything to do with food, vendors, events, even attending events, (BORING!) But, to no avail, here I am, back again and this time in full throttle mode!
During my time that I was taking my many years long break from being a foodie, I still had some of my hand in it, much to my delight! Being PTA President, Publicity Chair and Cultural Arts Chair for the kids schools, kept me going and my love affair alive! I never really fully understood why my Dad was away so much for “The Restaurant” as my mother so fondly put it, but now I do. It is a true love affair with the rush of all the excitement of planning, coordinating all the vendors, creating a look and the feel of the atmosphere (whether it be for relaxing or giving in nature), the endless visions do not stop.
It is Sunday, the day of rest, and what was my mind thinking at 7 am in the morning, fundraising ideas for a new client I am helping to create ideas and helping to plan with a group….http://www.meetup.com/S4M-Community-Supporters/ Help me, Help them!
I know my visions and dreams will not stop, at least my dreams of opening a restaurant have dissipated for now, and I know my love affair with the look and feel of an event will live on! It’s exciting to me! It truly does not feel like work to me…that is what is driving me to always be better. I know my Dad taught me this indirectly, but I do hope to pass the passion and drive onto my kids and I hope they take on the world, like I want to!!!
Live your life, live your dream, it’s what makes us who we are!

CBJ Promotional Avenues accepts Event Coordination position for Vocal Precision Studio Performance Showcase

Vocal Precision Studio is set to showcase some of its students in the upcoming performance on October 24th @ Garner Historic Auditorium. Perfomance to begin at 8 pm and tickets are on sale through her website.
The students that Rozlyn teaches range from elementary level to mature adults. Younger clients are expected to be mature, serious and focused during the learning process.
Experience is not required. Her students range from novice to experienced and professional. She has been successful in helping them develop a myriad of skills including, but not limited to improved breath control, in creased stamina and vocal range, correcting challenges with pitch and vocal placement. Instruction includes performance coaching and the development of musical interpretation through phrasing and dynamics.
It is important to understand the anatomy of the vocal mechanism and the unique technique that is used assists the student in applying this knowledge, along with visual
imagery, to produce the proper tone for the style and genre of musical interest.
Please visit Vocal Precision Studio’s website, www.vocalprecision.com, for more information about her studio, the upcoming performance, and to buy tickets online.   919-791-7363

CBJ Promotional Avenues will be coordinating the sponsorship development and advertising opportunities for the event.  PLease contact me @ cbjpromotionalave@nc.rr.com