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Are there Hidden Powers of a Corporate Event?

How do you get the most out of any event, let alone a corporate one? What are the goals and strategies you need to PLAN AHEAD in order to maximize it for the ultimate “Business or Social” event?
So many corporations ask these questions and move onto handing over the responsibility to an administrative assistant or a group of people put on a committee with no defined roles, to take care of the details. They never really convey the message and goal of the event, especially if it is a “Goal/Client Schmoozing/Sales” driven event. The higher-ups just want the tasks handled. The admins main responsibilities and priorities are admin work, not necessarily event planning.
So the priority of the event, “The Goal”, gets put on the back burner and various tasks do get handled, but the tasks are sometimes thrown together and it ends up being just a so- so event. Maybe, just maybe the goal is attained and some back-end sales or client acquisition is accomplished. But it could have been done better. You can’t just throw something together and hope for the best, it has to be planned and planned effectively well in advance.
I am sure this resonates with some events where the goal is not always attained to the maximum capacity. So I ask you: Is it effective to not have a precise, goal oriented plan? NO.
How do we go about creating a GOAL oriented event that delivers RESULTS? Hopefully you would call on a professional Event Management company to take care of all the details, like CBJ Promotional Avenues, but if the budget doesn’t allow it, here are some steps you can use to deliver those sought after results.

* Set the Goal and Desired Results. i.e. driving sales, sales incentives, customer appreciation to drive more sales, employee appreciation to drive more sales, product launch, etc.
* Create the Planning Committee with defined roles and tasks.
* Financial
* Logistical & Contracts
* Marketing & Advertising
* Sponsorship if needed to offset costs
* Accommodations/ Transportation/Concierge Services if needed for out-of-town guests
* Attendee
* Staffing/Volunteer
* Day of Event Management
* Post Event Follow Up
* Set the Budget.
* Who to Invite.
* Marketing & Advertising This is the Hidden Power: The Powerful words of Persuasion!
* Registration Process
* Event Logistics
* Attendance
* Actual Event and enjoying it!
* Event Follow Up
This is the overall outline of planning an event. All of these things and more need to happen effectively and having a sequenced time line for the event to be handled seamlessly perfect. When any one of these items are not done in a timely manner, it throws the whole event off the time line and the “panic” effect takes control and everyone “runs around like a chicken with its head cut off!” Also, everyone starts to act like they could be managing the planning better and then it becomes the “Chief” syndrome…”too many chiefs and not enough Indians” Don’t let this happen.
Plan ahead far enough in advance realistically to get the desired goal and results that are needed to convey the message of the company and its goal: clients, sales, incentives, or whatever the outcome must be. When not planned out far enough in advance, that “panic” sets in and a miracle is expected and does not usually happen without the added stress for everyone involved.
So, call Christina Blandi-James at CBJ Promotional Avenues, to PLAN AHEAD and take care of all the details to attract the most attendees, clients, potential clients, etc. !
Christina Blandi-James
CBJ Promotional Avenues, LLC

all rights reserved and copy written by CBJ Promotional Avenues. 2010. Under no circumstances, written permission must be obtained to reproduce.

LinkingRaleighNC.com names CBJ Promotional Avenues as its Event Management Company

Raleigh, NC. – Greg Hyer, Founder of LinkingRaleighNC.com, is pleased to
announce that Christina Blandi-James, President at CBJ Promotional Avenues will
serve as primary organizer of upcoming networking events, seminars and job fairs.
CBJ Promotional Avenues is an Event Management and Promotional Marketing
company based in the Raleigh-Durham area that helps small to medium sized
businesses gain the exposure in the market place through events, promotional
marketing materials and promotional products. Christina will take the lead role in
planning and coordinating the majority of LinkingRaleighNC.com’s events.
Currently, Christina is accepting proposals for venues and sponsorship opportunities.
For more information, please contact: events@linkingraleighnc.com
LinkingRaleighNC.com was founded in April 2008 and has quickly grown to become
one of the largest local professional and business networking groups in the Triangle
with over 8500 members. Most members are part of the Linking Raleigh, NC group
on LinkedIn.com (http://LinkedIn.LinkingRaleighNC.com) LinkingRaleighNC.com’s
mission is to connect local professionals and businesses with the next opportunity.
Greg Hyer, Founder of LinkingRaleighNC.com, does this by offering free job postings
on the OpenLink job board until unemployment comes back down to 6%, press
release submissions, community contributors, and a social networking site that rivals
that of others.
In the coming weeks Hyer and James expect to introduce new events for members
of LinkingRaleighNC.com and anyone interested in becoming part of this
professional and business network.
To learn more please visit
LinkingRaleighNC.com is a professional and business networking group and media
resource serving the Triangle area. Site features include a professional online
networking community, advice from local experts, local job board, events calendar,
business directory, blogs, and free press release submissions.
LinkingRaleighNC.com organizes professional networking events focused on
promoting on and offline networking as well as local business growth. Events
currently include OpenLink – An open and free to attend networking event sponsored
by local businesses, SpeedLink – The speed networking event for the Triangle is
designed to bring efficiency to professional networking, and UpLink – a luncheon for
small businesses and professionals to hear from local subject matter experts on
topics that are critical to understand.
CBJ Promotional Avenues is a Triangle area event planning and promotional
marketing company that prides itself on taking care of its clients and putting 110%
into a project using a team approach to accomplish all the tasks needed. Created in
August of 2007, CBJ Promotional Avenues vision is based on the belief that all
businesses, small and large, require the exposure in the market in a variety of ways.
Whether it be through events, promotional products, promotional marketing material,
the marketing has to make a statement about that particular company and what it
has to offer the consumer or business.

Blinki..My Traveling Poken!

Ok, so I have had my Poken, Blinki, with me for about 2 weeks!  I am so excited, if I could just figure it all out!  I have just uploaded some new contacts and saw that I had all kinds of messages to me from twitter and I didn’t see them on my twitter account directly!  Of course I responded to all!  So sorry for the delay people!
So anyway,  I would like to add more about some of my networks and such, but haven’t figured out how to add my meetup group with my profile number.  Any help out there, I am willing to accept it.  I still am learning all this new technology! It is so much fun and interesting! Yes, I am somewhat of a techie…shhhh, don’t tell my husband, he is the techie in the house or so he thinks!
So Thanks to all my new connections and have fun shopping out there and Poken someone today!
Below is the link for my Blinki and me and Phoenix!
<img src="http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c54112/x2_5d335c" width="79" height="79" alt="@martinbrossman @phoenixrmt 's #Glaurung & @cbjpromos #poken fun at #coffee&contacts Garner holiday

Dare to Dream! by Christina Blandi-James

“Always Keep Your Eye on Your Target Market!
I am my own believer
In my heart the reason
I will follow the light from within
I’m not afraid of weakness
I’m gonna taste the sweetness
Of the power not to give in
Oh I will see it through
I believe this is my moment of truth…I will go the distance
Embrace resistance
I will lay my soul on the line
When the wait is over
And the hunger has spoken
If I give my all,I will shine
Oh I will see it through
I believe, this is my moment of truth
*Parts of the lyrics from Olivia Newton John*

I have always said, “ I am my own worst enemy…”  but where do I get this from?  I have learned over the years that if I dare to dream, only I can make things happen.
Through all my struggles when I grew up, learning hard lessons from my father and grandfather about “if you give an inch, you will receive tenfold back”, and how to take the “higher road” even if you can’t see the lesson to learn.  I continue to enlighten myself with the positive cheers not only from my supporters and champions, but from myself. If a negative situation arises in your life, look at it head on and take the positive from it.  God always has a reason for the way things happen.  It is up to you to see it in a new light.
It has to come from within.  If you can learn to believe in others then you can learn to believe in yourself.
There is a reason why each of us decided to embark on the most challenging task of all in life, to become an entrepreneur.  We have a dream!  We believe in our capabilities to endure the test, to become an inventor, a dreamer, or an owner of the best parts of us, our skills and knowledge!  It’s our soul that gives us our passions.  I believe that if we follow our hearts, our minds and our souls, our passions can take us to places that we never heard of.
We may not always continue on the path that we went to school to learn, and our soul’s path may have taken us down another road.  Our soul has been speaking to us, our supporters have been telling us to pursue our dreams!
Isn’t it time to listen to our hearts and souls and learn from others to achieve those goals?  One person can not know everything there is to know about running a business.  We sometimes do not know everything about income taxes or corporate taxes, that is what a supporter like Laurice is for!  We don’t know everything or have the time to devote to marketing or event planning, that is what I am here for! Or we need some insight into how to strategize our business plans and manage our projects or give you steps on time management, that is Tonya’s expertise!   It is our best asset to realize that sometimes we need the help of others to help guide us so we can grow from those experiences.
My suggestions to help you dream!
*Network, find others in the areas of expertise you do not know and develop your knowledge.
*Network to reach out and teach someone else.
*Impart your wisdom and expertise to a non profit, volunteer your time.  You might just gain some more exposure, at the same time as contributing to the community and giving back.  It really does make a person feel good!
*Don’t be afraid, pick up the phone and make that cold call! Set the appointment. ASK for the appointment. When you are direct, you will more likely land the appt.
*When you call someone, introduce yourself, not just the company.  Make it more personal, they are more likely to respond.  And try to make a joke in there some where.  Laughter eases the awkwardness of a cold call!
*Most of all, BELIEVE, in yourself and your capabilities. Learn the hard lessons and to not make the same mistakes again. Only you can make your dreams come true!
We are all here today to help each other.  There is a reason why God has given us each other.  To help, to grow, to guide, to inspire, and to teach others!

Southern Wake Women in Marketing group, “Hear us Roar!”

NOV. 16th @ Cafe Carolina @ 9am. Speaker/topic needed.

I would like to see a topic maybe about how to market to non profits and what kinds of marketing they need….Anyone interested in speaking from experience? OR a Staffing Recruiter/Agency  to speak about today’s job market and what we need to do to stand out in this “Bigger” crowd.
We have a good group going so far! Some great ideas, plans and future events/participation ! We are in the process of solidifying plans to participate and raise funds for The Women Build project for Habitat for Humanity. And other charities depending upon what we decide. Do you want to be a part of it? More details to follow.
Come out and join on the move Southern Wake Women In Marketing…sharing ideas, contacts and referrals!
RSVP to the event posted for Linkedin or join meetup.com
or cbjpromotionalave@nc.rr.com
Hope to see everyone there!

Southern Wake Women in Marketing group Supports Wake Habitat for Humanity

I am still looking for people to help us with this cause. Whatever your donation will be, it will help tremendously to build this house! Thank you in advance.
Please help us raise the needed funds for our support of Habitat for Humanity.  Our group goal is $5,000 .   They are building several houses next year and we would like to participate in the actual building as well.   Our deadline for raising the funds is February 2010.   All  checks will be made out to Habitat for Humanity.
Please contact me for further information contact Christina, organizer for Southern Wake Women in Marketing chapter of Women in Marketing: cbjpromotionalave@nc.rr.com
Fundraising events will be posted soon!  Stay tuned!
Donate online, click on the link below!

Music on Main, The Embers

What a great outdoor concert! Some people were dancing and shagging to the tunes of Carolina beach music! Fun! Check it out…http://www.theembersband.net/?mpf=frame&
To listen to some old classics!