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LinkingRaleighnc.com’s After Hours Networking event, Cufflinks, Oct 26th

Join us and network with local professionals and business owners looking to establish new professional and business relationships. Contribute to the recovery of our local economy by networking.
Our guests will enjoy:
* Happy Hour Drink Specials (To be announced)
* Hor d’oeuvre
* Great Conversation
* Effective Networking
* Productive Atmosphere

Man wearing Cufflinks At the end of the evening, ONE man and ONE woman will be awarded a pair of Cufflinks and become our featured members for a month.
(Note: Business attire is strongly recommended for this event, Cufflinks are not required)
Titles of those that have attended this event
Branch Manager
Business Development
Corporate Entrepreneur
Designer & Owner
Financial Advisor
Financial Consultant
Lead Programmer Analyst
Managing Director
President & CEO
Principal Consultant

Lessons Learned and Capitalizing on them! Perseverance….

I recently began my newest side of my venture, event planning. I have been thrilled to be back in the industry where I grew up and first fell in love with it as a career. After having gone through several years of being absent and raising a young family (they are teens now) and realizing that kind of life (10-12= hours a day) was not conducive to family life, I have reentered the way of life on my terms! I have been able to incorporate planning events into my already existing promotional marketing company. The added dimension has blossomed into something with so many possibilities for the future. I have appreciated the clients that have given me the influence to create the ideas I presented and have seen the value in raising their profiles in the marketplace. As well as having realized the value of being a part of two of my newest clients, www.LinkingRaleighnc.com and MA Engineering, organizations. So Thanks to Greg @LinkingRaleigh and Arvin Manitkala of MA Engineering. Thanks guys! You’re the best. I will continue to help you all attain the exposure in the market place of events helping the members of LinkingRaleighnc.com and its members gain their next opportunity and gaining more web and marketing knowledge.
In times as uncertain as these, with the market going up and down like a yo yo, I have been able to build upon something so innate to me as breathing is. Event planning has captured my heart once again and it flutters with every success I bring to the table! The thrill of it all, it really is not work at all. This passion that has captured me once again, is the same kind of passion I wish for everyone. At the time, before his passing before my upcoming marriage to my then fiance, my future father in law gave me the same advice my Dad did when I was trying to decide what to do with my life, “Always Follow Your Heart” So true are these words. I have finally begun to understand these words as my wisdom and experience has taught me. And my kids see what the perseverance efforts and feeling of pride can bring and I hope it rubs off on them and their decisions for life.

Upcoming NEWS!

In the next week or so, I will be announcing some major news, not only for me, but my company, CBJ Promotional Avenues! I almost can’t wait to make the announcement……Pinch me, so I can hold back just a bit longer!!!
Events, happenings, big news for CBJ Promotional Avenues! Let’s see where will it be announced?

Snow in Raleigh and School is out!

Well, going into Friday night here in Raleigh, with the threat of a snowstorm, is always quite the experience! Since I am a Northerner,but I have lived 1/2 my life in the South, snow is a passing fancy here. The city shuts down and doesn’t provide enough salt coverage to warrant not slipping on some ice occasionally. This is because they don’t want to invest in equipment and salt. I don’t blame them. It is not often we do get snow, but ice is more than a possibility. But it is funny to me, that the whole city and schools shut down over a couple of inches of snow!
Anyway, enough of my soap box, you get my message! The kids are home and they have had their fun this weekend! Now if we could just clean off the roads, get them back to school and being constructive, I would be much more thrilled! I had some time to play in the snow, walk the dog, and threw some fist fulls of snow with the kids, but enough! Let the sun shine down on Raleigh!!
*I don’t doubt school will be out again tomorrow!

Being Thankful…

When is the last time you said Thank you to some one for enlightening you on a lesson to be learned?
Sometimes we need to step back and see what others see and consider their points of view and see if there is a lesson to learn.
My belief is that we are meant to be life long learners.  Not only academically, but from people that come into your life for a reason.  You may not know it at the time, but God has his reasons for bringing them into your life.  Listen and Learn.  And take the “Higher Road” and Thank  God…Thank God for teaching you to be humble enough to learn those lessons.  For only HE will be by your side..and “have your back”