Marketing is like Gardening…. Marketing Automation

Wrapping your head around a concept like Marketing Automation, still foreign to many, is like wrapping a thinly sliced piece of prosciutto  around a piece of melon dew and it melting in your mouth! It’s so worth it!!

So many small to large sized companies are still not on the band wagon when it comes to making their life easier.  What in the world is this marketing tactic that seems to be the new wave of marketing management?  Let’s take an in depth look and see all the intricacies involved in running a software program designed to manage marketing campaigns seamlessly.
Marketing is like gardening. It starts with a seed and you nurture it until it is sprouting and over time, it grows into this beautiful, fruit bearing plant/tree.  It has the tendency to become a mammoth. You take care of it with “kid gloves” and water and feed it daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.  It takes time to grow. There is no end to taking care of the plant/tree.  It needs continual attention, sunshine, and water.
Much like Marketing.  It doesn’t grow overnight and develop fruit instantaneously. It takes time. It takes time to find the right target market, to impress upon them about your services or product, to see the “light” that your company is the best caretaker and blooms full of revenue!  This process, drip marketing, is more smoothly created in a marketing automation program where the client/consumer gradually hears about what your company has to offer. The more “touches” you have with the target audience, the program will slowly nurture and convert them over time to see “the light” of your business and win them over!
Simply put, there is a beginning, the top of the sales funnel, but as you slowly nurture them through the sales funnel until a decision is made, your company must create the story of the “why” they need your product or service compared to any other competitor.  The biggest reason why marketing automation can be used in a successful marketing strategy is that it has the ability to connect the dots through several communication channels.  The multiple avenues of communication needed to reach an audience is necessary to convey the “why”.  In today’s society, we are visual, content driven, value driven and technology savvy individuals and we are EVERYWHERE on the world wide web. Therefore it’s necessary to approach this multi channel marketing in a systematic strategic approach.
The “WHY” and the “Benefits” of implementing a marketing automation platform into your marketing strategy:

  • Streamlines the marketing process
  • The ability to generate and qualify leads across multiple channels
  • Collaboration of the sales and marketing goals and objectives
  • Improved conversions of leads and tracking the measurement of ROI
  • More than “just” an email marketing platform
  • Be  careful of under utilizing the platform and adaption of the new processes or “bucking the system”

Here is the breakdown of the multitude of choices to choose from when it comes time to strategically manage the marketing campaigns:

  1. Do you need a marketing automation program?
  2. Choosing a marketing automation platform is not a “one size fits all” concept.
  3. Do a comparative analysis of the different capabilities, pricing and features of the platforms.
  4. Engage in a demo session with each one.
  5. Before deciding on a vendor, get some references from current users of the programs.
  6. Is there a FREE trial period?
  7. Negotiate a contract. With training and on boarding of the processes.

With all the choices of marketing automation platforms, there are ones that are specifically designed for small to mid sized businesses and enterprise large scaled businesses.  Take the time to look at all the aspects before deciding.
About CBJ Promotional Avenues:
CBJ Promotional Avenues (aka CBJPromos)  is a boutique digital marketing and event management agency, that helps small to medium sized businesses with their marketing and event planning, implementation and execution. To help them effectively convey their messaging across multiple platforms with a concise and clear message. To learn more about CBJ Promotional Avenues or Call to book a consultation..cbjpromos1@gmail.com


Social Selling…Clue Me In!

Social Selling...Clue Me In!

It’s a warm spring day,  the sun is shining and your sitting in an office ready to have a job interview.  Thoughts are racing, you check your breath so it’s fresh, you have on crisp, clean and trendy clothes…now it’s time to get it started.  Interviewee shakes the human Resource Managers hand, smiles and sits down. In your mind your thinking, “Alright, Alright, Alright!  I hope I’m ready!  It’s time to bank this interview and get the job” As the questions are asked for the sales position, situational scenarios are set up on how you would manage it, and then comes the question…., “Can I get a list of all your social links?”  The person quickly draws a blank.  Their thinking ” What’s all this talk about “Social Selling? and What social links do I have to share?, OMG, I’m not going to get the job because I don’t have a twitter account. I didn’t know that a sales position involves marketing too!” These days you need to stay current on social sites, you never know who is searching for you or your company.

In this day and still fairly new technology age, it is so important to set yourself up to look your Interviewee best,  Leader best, or company best.  It’s all about the genuine and authentic portrayal of your company and yourself.  As well as, how decisions are now being made from online sites, as to what product or service, you’re seeking, to provide you with the best customer service and brand experience possible.  Almost gone are the days of traditional media, like TV, Radio, direct mail, the newspaper and so forth.  Granted they are still a vital & integral part of any marketing media mix, but the majority of sales are coming from online.  So, it’s really in your best interest, to not only make sure your company and personal branding as a leader in the community is top notch, but your sales and brand ambassadors are in tune with the company voice and culture.  Otherwise known as Personal Branding.

There are some really simple steps to take ensure your personal and company branding is top notch.

  1. Is your Linkedin profile picture up to date? (not last year’s picture before you got this great haircut!) Hint: You want to be recognizable when you meet with a prospect. They probably looked you up on linkedin to see your experience, what you look like and who you know.

  2. Is your Linkedin  work or volunteer experience up to date?  Hint: It represents not only You, but also who you are working for at the present moment.

  3. Are you updating your status with current relevant content related  to what you or your company does?  This is key when digitally speaking about what matters most to you and what you have to say.  Also in the way of who you are working for.

  4. Are you commenting on group discussions and other people’s posts?  It shows you are current and keeping in the consistent “Top of Mind” marketing tactic.

  5. Is your company page regularly updated?  Who is responsible for managing the content, followers, and influential engagement & SALES conversions of a product or service?  Buyers are searching on Linkedin too!

Linkedin is just one of the many platforms where your buyers or human resource departments are searching to learn about you and a company.  It is by far, one of the best Business Development tools where social selling is occurring.  Your brand needs to be exposed every where on the social media platforms, according to how your targeted audiences are finding you.

There really is so much more to talk about.  If your in Raleigh, NC register to attend the Digital Marketing For Business Conference and learn more. I’ll be speaking on a panel discussion about “Personal Branding”  on May 14th at 4pm.  Bring your questions, we’ll be passing out a treat for every question that’s asked!

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Christina Blandi

Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Strategist, Event Marketing & Event Logistics Project Manager