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Welcome 2010! New experiences….

I can’t believe how fast 2009 rushed in and went out! A new decade, wow! I was just hanging out on the first day of 2010, watching the Bowl games, as I noted this all to my husband, remembering our New Year’s Eve party of Y2K! Amazing how fast time flies, things change, kids grow up and become teenagers and how much I still have to accomplish!
So let’s see, as some of you who personally know me, I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Proud of that, can you tell?!!! It’s really funny that I live in another city and in the past few days of 2009, I have met 4 Pittsburghers! And we all have something in common, as well as, interests that are the same as mine. It is really a small world everyone!
I truly believe in the power of attraction…if you open yourself up to new experiences and places, it is amazing the people you will meet and what they will add to your life! I Thank God every day for that because if it weren’t for some of those opened experiences, I would not be where I am today with my business and all the friends that have added value and meaning to my life.
So, some food for thought to help us grow:
That learning which thou gettest by thy own observation and experience, is far beyond that which thou gettest by precept; as the knowledge of a traveler exceeds that which is got by reading.
Thomas à Kempis

Dare to Dream! by Christina Blandi-James

“Always Keep Your Eye on Your Target Market!
I am my own believer
In my heart the reason
I will follow the light from within
I’m not afraid of weakness
I’m gonna taste the sweetness
Of the power not to give in
Oh I will see it through
I believe this is my moment of truth…I will go the distance
Embrace resistance
I will lay my soul on the line
When the wait is over
And the hunger has spoken
If I give my all,I will shine
Oh I will see it through
I believe, this is my moment of truth
*Parts of the lyrics from Olivia Newton John*

I have always said, “ I am my own worst enemy…”  but where do I get this from?  I have learned over the years that if I dare to dream, only I can make things happen.
Through all my struggles when I grew up, learning hard lessons from my father and grandfather about “if you give an inch, you will receive tenfold back”, and how to take the “higher road” even if you can’t see the lesson to learn.  I continue to enlighten myself with the positive cheers not only from my supporters and champions, but from myself. If a negative situation arises in your life, look at it head on and take the positive from it.  God always has a reason for the way things happen.  It is up to you to see it in a new light.
It has to come from within.  If you can learn to believe in others then you can learn to believe in yourself.
There is a reason why each of us decided to embark on the most challenging task of all in life, to become an entrepreneur.  We have a dream!  We believe in our capabilities to endure the test, to become an inventor, a dreamer, or an owner of the best parts of us, our skills and knowledge!  It’s our soul that gives us our passions.  I believe that if we follow our hearts, our minds and our souls, our passions can take us to places that we never heard of.
We may not always continue on the path that we went to school to learn, and our soul’s path may have taken us down another road.  Our soul has been speaking to us, our supporters have been telling us to pursue our dreams!
Isn’t it time to listen to our hearts and souls and learn from others to achieve those goals?  One person can not know everything there is to know about running a business.  We sometimes do not know everything about income taxes or corporate taxes, that is what a supporter like Laurice is for!  We don’t know everything or have the time to devote to marketing or event planning, that is what I am here for! Or we need some insight into how to strategize our business plans and manage our projects or give you steps on time management, that is Tonya’s expertise!   It is our best asset to realize that sometimes we need the help of others to help guide us so we can grow from those experiences.
My suggestions to help you dream!
*Network, find others in the areas of expertise you do not know and develop your knowledge.
*Network to reach out and teach someone else.
*Impart your wisdom and expertise to a non profit, volunteer your time.  You might just gain some more exposure, at the same time as contributing to the community and giving back.  It really does make a person feel good!
*Don’t be afraid, pick up the phone and make that cold call! Set the appointment. ASK for the appointment. When you are direct, you will more likely land the appt.
*When you call someone, introduce yourself, not just the company.  Make it more personal, they are more likely to respond.  And try to make a joke in there some where.  Laughter eases the awkwardness of a cold call!
*Most of all, BELIEVE, in yourself and your capabilities. Learn the hard lessons and to not make the same mistakes again. Only you can make your dreams come true!
We are all here today to help each other.  There is a reason why God has given us each other.  To help, to grow, to guide, to inspire, and to teach others!