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Live Your Life….

Live-your-life-inspirational-quotesSeriously?  What is the most important thing to you, right now, and what’s the benefit it will give toward your future?
We are busy in our lives, working, hustling to make the next dollar, running errands, picking up the kids, running them to their activities, or simply trying to get as much done in one day possible.  There are not enough hours in the day, to get it all done.  Now STOP.
Do you hear your heart racing? Are you breathing a little bit faster?  Is your mind racing to get the next thing checked off your daily list of “TO Do’s”? And then, does your mind really stop thinking even when you do sleep?  It is so ingrained in our everyday lives to stay busy. To be constantly on the go.  So much so, that you have become accustomed to 6 or less hours of sleep a night.  There are some people who thrive on 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  Wow…it’s amazing how the human body can even function on that little bit of sleep.
Why do we do it? Why do we torture ourselves until we are totally exhausted, our eyes burning, burning both ends of the candle  and as soon as we hit the pillow, it’s lights out and we are figuratively speaking “dead to the world”
NOW stop and look back for a second….that’s right, look back.  Do you see the struggle, the hustle, the strained relationships, the mistakes that are made, the things that are forgotten, the stress on our bodies?  Do you see them?  Is it all worth it, in the end?  Yes, the majority of things that get done in any given day is worth it. But the price we pay is so much more priceless. Our health. Our physical health as well as our mental health.
Our mind and body have been given to us as a loan, per say.  We have been given one life, one chance, one moment, to breathe, to intellectually expand our mind, to cultivate our relationships, to laugh at stupid things and to simply love our lives.  Its often amazing how life passes us by so quickly and we don’t take the time to nurture the people and things we should, on a daily basis. It takes time to cultivate a good life. To learn every thing we need to learn to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. To cultivate the growth of our children’s minds, so that they can guide our world to greatness.
One thing is certain, we should take some time out of our every day lives, to “stop and smell the roses” to think about what we have been given.  We live in a time where technology and  innovation have given us so much process to our lives, that we don’t take the time to appreciate the little things in life.  Take a moment every day to “Breathe, Pray, Meditate and Appreciate” what makes our lives enriched by the people who are there for us when we need them, for our family and close friends, for our significant others, for our children and for the blessings of our existence.  Never take for granted that we have another day to get things done….LIFE is too short, not to be happy.

~ Live like there is no tomorrow, Laugh every day and Love with an open heart.  ~ CB

Take a Journey into your LIFE!

journeyWhat Kind of life do you really want to lead?  Are you the quiet type?  or Type A personality, who lives life out-loud and purposefully?
Consider this….you’re sitting at your computer right now reading this blog and you start to wonder what type of person you are.  As the title says, life is about one step at a time.  read more

Work and Life Balance….Are You Living your “BEST” Life?

As luck would have it, I did not bring my laptop with me on my mini vacation! I was fortunate. I did have many phone calls for requests for my attention and luckily I handled them quite quickly. How many times have you been hard pressed to answer the”call of duty” while away on vacation? It is almost impossible to get away as a solopreneur without thinking, wondering, and analyzing your next moves and how to handle them efficiently. You just want to get away and not think. Is it possible? Can we shut our brains down enough to unwind, enjoy the family and let loose just a bit? Sometimes, but it is another skill that we must learn in order to balance our lives and live our “BEST” life.
Our “BEST” life. What does that mean to you?
* Does it mean, shutting our computers off at a certain time of day, even though we have many more tasks on our “to do” list?
* Does it mean, not worrying about what is next on the agenda and putting it off until tomorrow, so that we can make our kids baseball game or swim meet?
* Does it mean, we have to schedule our work according to our everyday lives to balance and feel at peace with how things are going in our lives?
If you answered yes to most of the questions, then you are on the right track! Yes, we have to schedule our work around what is going on in our lives, in order to achieve the peace and synergy that we crave. How could we not? Life is a balancing/juggling act. With all the things that we are responsible for, not only our work requirements, but our children’s lives and all of their activities, our vacations, days off, sick time, school / homework time and help, fitting in fitness (yes, fitting and scheduling it in is a must! It really does help you to focus and stay on track when you feel you are strong), and even more educational learning and development times, how do we do it?
One of the best answers that I can give to anyone is, that as much as we try to achieve our ideal work-life balance, not everyday can be scheduled and kept to the same routine. It will vary everyday! If you think it is going to go accordingly everyday and it be the same, guess again! And it shouldn’t. How boring would that be, to know that everyday you’re going to know exactly what you are doing at every given moment? BORING! Be flexible and it will be that much more rewarding in the end of your day. That you got exactly what you needed to get accomplished and your personal life did not suffer either!
How do we do that?
* Schedule your work day, making sure that the most important tasks are done first thing in the morning.
* Do you know where the closest fountain or water source is to sit by and listen to while you relax just a bit to eat your lunch outside? Water is very calming.
* Condense the meeting and phone conferences into specific time periods and don’t let idle talk take over the tasks on the agenda and you might just be able to “cut” out early to enjoy your drive home and catch the last tumble of your daughter’s gymnastics practice to surprise her!
* When you get home to the family, do not answer the phone or talk business (unless it is urgent or can’t wait) while your child is standing there waiting for you to throw the ball or go swimming…they do remember it.
* Catch a movie with the kids or watch AFV with the kids and laugh your head off!
* When you do get away, focus solely on the family or your vacation time. If you have to address any work issues (while you’re away) , get it done and move on!
* There are 4 areas in our lives to focus on: Work, Children/Family, Friends, and Self. Each of these takes precedence over the other sometimes.
* Commit everyday to achieving the simplistic ideals of balancing all of these areas. If you do, you will have attained your goal, PEACE within yourself and for others.
Life will takes its toll on all of us, but if we can achieve our work/life balance we will live our “BEST” life. Life is too short not to work hard at LIVING, ACHIEVING AND ENJOYING all the finer things in life that it has to offer! It is up to us, to make sure we are doing what we need to do!

Redirect your vision….

and stick to the plan. Have you ever had this happen to you professionally. Nothing makes you wonder more than something like this. One thing is being said and then the shift happens and it’s within hours of it and parts of your world changes. Professionally speaking, yes, you got to roll with the punches and go with the flow. You did your best, and sometimes your best intentions don’t always match others. It’s like, “Gee, so glad I could help you with your epiphany, and clarify the direction, without my professional services.” It’s ok. Life happens and hopefully for the better. Redirect yourself, refocus on your goal and stick to your vision at hand, and move on.
Life is full of surprises. How did Forest Gump say it? “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” So true.