Take a Journey into your LIFE!

journeyWhat Kind of life do you really want to lead?  Are you the quiet type?  or Type A personality, who lives life out-loud and purposefully?
Consider this….you’re sitting at your computer right now reading this blog and you start to wonder what type of person you are.  As the title says, life is about one step at a time.  But do we really pay attention to that and intentionally live in the moment/PRESENT?  We should at times.  When it comes to planning your retirement, child rearing, long range work achievements, college funding, of course this can’t happen without a plan.  BUT, what if you could really focus yourself on the here and now and not worry about what is going to happen tomorrow.  Live vicariously, stop procrastinating and begin to live your life as if it were your last day on earth.
Living your life with a purpose and a passion creates the kind of peace most people search for their whole lives.  I, personally, have been trying to learn some techniques I would like to share with you.  To help you achieve the peace and serenity that your life deserves.  Because, aren’t you worth it?  Yes, YOU are worth every waking moment we breathe and exist in this chaotic and crazy world that we created.  There is too much chatter, socialization, and planning that has to happen in every day life, that sometimes we really need to just breathe and sit for a spell on the front lawn and take in the beauty that God created for us to enjoy!
A few Tips to plan your JOURNEY:

  1. Remember to BREATHE!
  2. Don’t take others for granted.
  3. Speak purposefully and clearly.
  4. Never hold a grudge.
  5. Make good food choices.
  6. Drink lots of water DAILY!
  7. Look at your feet and take a walk!
  8. Take that trip you have been dreaming of!
  9. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  10. Forgive and move on….holding onto to the negatives only creates mind clutter.
  11. Don’t miss out on opportunities to enrich your lives…you never know where it could take you!
  12. Let your friends and family support you, don’t try to handle everything on your own.
  13. Always remember to love yourself first. Be your own best friend.
  14. Don’t wait till your 40 to start planning for finances.  Start when you are 20! You’ll be more than set in retirement.
  15. Speak, teach, and listen to your children, they are the future of tomorrow!

GET OUT THERE AND LIVE!!!  Life is too short, not to be HAPPY!

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