The Next Big Thing..Social Media…Oh,it’s already here!!

The Next Big Thing..Social Media...Oh,it's already here!!

Oh my gosh! Silly me, Social Media is already a big thing!!
Well, if you’re reading this, then you already knew this and the secret is out!  Imagine how many years ago…(15+) that the internet was just coming about, that AOL dial up was your ISP, and you surfed “THE NET” on a regular basis because there has been nothing like it before…That you delved into something totally new and exciting, to learn about all kinds of things. You were just like a sponge, soaking up all the information and knowledge you could get your fingers tapping about!!
Fast forward to 2015. Technology has progressed so fast and has been so integrated into today’s society, that it’s the norm to be surfing on your tablet, laptop, smart phone or gosh forbid, your desktop computer at any given time! And the millennial’s are passing us “older” folks by leaps and bounds! How are we to keep up with this generation and even compete, in the market place, in the amount of knowledge they posses so easily…like it’s second nature to them?  So, now we have to be like a sponge and soak up all that knowledge too, just in order to be in the “know”!!
The point I am trying to make is, the fact that there is so much information to consume and learn about, that we need to keep up. Not just from a personal standpoint, but a business standpoint.  It is more common to have a personal profile online on some social platform, than it is to find a business whose website is not responsive in design to accommodate the digital devices that everyone is searching for information on. If you know of a business who is not online in some capacity with at least a website, then PLEASE share with them, that if they do not have a social presence or business presence, then they will miss the boat drastically and their business growth will become stagnant or worse yet, go out of business.  Why would any business not have a website? And why would any business, who have products or a service for consumers, not have a social presence on every platform possible?  Yes, there are still businesses that do not have this mindset and are stuck in the old fashioned ways. Let’s help them get a clue!
Here are some ways to “Get with the Program”!!

  1. Sit down and focus on what this whole social media thing is all about. And “WHY” your business needs to be online and speaking or shouting out to the world socially!
  2. There is so much to learn about all the different social media platforms, and digital marketing, that it can be time consuming work….wait, that’s why there are social media managers, specialists and strategists working to make this easier for the business owners who do their best at selling their products or service!
  3. Each social media platform is devised to be utilized and entrenched in your marketing plan to reach different audiences.
  4. Decide who your target audience is, which platform your business will garner the most attention, and then “SHOUT  your clear message” to the world!
  5. THEN, tackle it! Promote your product or service Consistently, Concisely, and Clearly. The 3 C’s. And then if part of the plan is not working and your not getting enough revenue growth from your efforts to be social, then CHANGE it. So, really 4 C’s!
  6. If at any point, your business is growing by leaps and bounds, revenue is soaring thru the roof, you’re having to hire more people…so much so, that you can’t keep up with the social media posts… PLEASE hire a social media manager to help you with your continued growth! We have studied social media extensively, gone to school for it, and live it, breathe it and LOVE it!
  7. Hint: That’s where I would come in and take over the responsibility of promoting your business, event, special offers, etc!

To CONTACT us TODAY , if you are swamped with all the social media platforms and digital marketing to learn about, and the time consuming posting,  CBJ Promotional Avenues , can come to the rescue and save the day!!
About CBJ Promotional Avenues:
We are a Event Management & Marketing Services company that thrives on taking care of all businesses, digital marketing needs. Being in business for 7+ years, (almost 8 years!), we pride ourselves on strategically looking at the ‘BIG” picture and promoting your clear message across multiple media channels. If you’re not on social media, we can build it, enhance it, or promote it for you…
“Build it, and they will come!” …isn’t that what they say?

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