Valentine’s Day Makeovers!

Be the first to find out all the latest in beauty inspired by spring’s hottest runway trend. You’ll get all the latest application tips and tricks for a fashion-forward, fresh look. Plus, you’ll get lots of great one-on-one attention from my beauty adviser. And while you’re hanging out with me and the girls, you also can feel great that you’re doing something good – you’re partying with a purpose.
You’re supporting a Company that does good. And that’s always in fashion. Can’t wait to see you!
Mary Kay is a green inspired company that started with a positive circle of influence, to do good works and give back to the community.
It’s partying with a purpose, and it couldn’t be prettier.
So relax. Enjoy the quality pretty time you deserve today! You want to look good for your MAN!
Special of the evening:I will pick a “Mystery Hostess” for a demonstration and the winner gets to choice a Hostess Gift of either Free Product, A Discount or actual Gift.
RSVP no later than Feb. 8
We will meet in the restaurant in the back Library room.
*guests are highly suggested to order a meals.

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