What’s in a Handshake, A Smile or the Service?

Often times we take for granted that life passes us by unnoticed. That the new neighbor moved in down the street and no one has gone to welcome them.  That a smile or a wave goes unnoticed when passing in the street or driving by.  Isn’t it time we notice and acknowledge others who are there for us, who have our backs when help is needed?
It isn’t always about who is out doing you. Or what the Jones’ are doing and how many things they have. Or about who is undercutting your service or product prices.  It’s about the relationship that gets built over time and the trust that is built from being a person of your word and being true to oneself and your principles and values.  That’s what we are raised to do.  Our Mothers who taught us right from wrong, to give or not, to show respect and scold when you disrespect.  It’s our Mothers and Fathers who gave us the foundation and examples of how we treat others. Though sometimes not always good examples have been set, but the positives that can be learned from the negative outcomes.
All this holds true in business too.  There will always be highs that go along with the lows.  There will always be lessons to be learned from tried attempts and sometimes failures.  But without these trials and tribulations, we would never acquire the perseverance to push forward in our lives to become someone, be a helping hand to pull up someone when they are down, to run a business, or make a difference.  We learn from our mistakes. We take the good with the bad.
So the next time you are going through your day, take a moment to stop and appreciate the time and dedication and respect the works of others. To show others the respect that is due and to pay it forward to help another.  Thank them for being there for you. Whether it be a friend or foe, a business colleague, the service repairman that came out to help in an emergency, or family and/or a stranger, take the time for another human being.
For you never know who needs you in their lives, or what they are going through that is not being spoken..even if but for a moment, take the time.  Personal or business…Give the love! You’ll be amazed at the results given back tenfold!  This world needs more of it!

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