Where are all the results? The numbers game….

How long have you been in the marketing arena? Have you made a difference in the world of business? Have you become a maven of sorts to bring more business to another business and been rewarded accordingly? It’s about the middle of the year, have you measured all the metrics to see where your clients stand? And if you have incorporated social media into the mix of the marketing strategies, how do you measure it and its return by way of customers, followers, fans, etc. and More BUSINESS!
More and more these days, marketers are pressured to show how they measure up to delivering the results by what they are preaching. It is about the numbers game. In this economy and the way things have gone here lately, we are hard pressed to deliver. Can you show me the results of this email marketing campaign? Can you fill the seats for this convention? Where are all the people and why are they not walking in the door? If you have had these kinds of questions asked of you, as a marketer, you about to fidget in your seat to deliver just what they ask. So how do we justify all the work we are doing? It’s simple: the economy has changed and the way business is done, is a completely different ball game. It takes time and lots of effort on the marketers part to continue to keep “pushing” the company information out and then ask or “hope” for the kind of return that is ideally wanted. The number one thing I can say is, it takes time to build a following, to build a reputation and customer loyalty.
The typical way of marketing and getting the word out there about your business and all its doing is not just the old fashioned way. Print, direct mail pieces (letters, post cards, flyers) tv, radio, etc. Now we have to incorporate new media into the mix and then figure out where all the business is coming from and focus our marketing dollars on those specific efforts that bring the most results. But, unfortunately like most small businesses who are limited in their budgets, we have to have the best metrics tools around that are cost effective and doesn’t break the “bank” until we are further into the growth cycle of our business. As statistics would have it, more than half of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years.
In order for us to not fail, these are the things we must do as small businesses to succeed the failure rate and live our passion.
* Determine what marketing activity best suits the product or service.
* Determine the exact audience that you want to target and focus your clients activities toward it directly.
* Determine how often the marketing activity needs to be measured and by what metrics.
* At first, measure the response rate to online ads, facebook ads, fans, followers, leads generated by sign up forms, surveys, email subscription to blog, etc and events (online or in person)
* Measure often, ask the person when they call or communicate, where they heard about you. This is the most important measurement a small business can do. Find out what is working to get them to you!
* When you are about to launch a new product, service or event, make sure there is ample lead time to accomplish the task. If not sufficient amount of time it can actually hurt the company reputation.
* Make sure all the media/advertising, promotion of such product, service, or event is covered. Promoting the concept is like giving it birth for the first, second, third time and so on. Word of mouth is always the best communication because it is real and genuine, whether positive or negative. There is some form of “Buzz” happening. So talk it up! It does help all the “chatter” on social media too! Whether we want to admit it or not, social media is our new “word of mouth” version!
Well, I could go on more about the steps to promote and get the “Buzz” going about a product, service or an event. But, you get the gist of what I am talking about. We want to measure the “Buzz”
Measuring the social media has been the hardest thus far to date, if we are getting it right, when we spend all this time blogging, facebook fan pages, twitter. You get the picture. All this time we are spending is it worth it and do we really need to be paying someone else to be doing it for us. YES!
So, what exactly is being measured:
* Visitors and source of traffic, where are they coming from twitter, facebook pages, facebook ads, google ads, etc.
* What are the people saying about the brand, product or service?
Let’s take a good look at all the marketing metric tools to see if you are utilizing all of them. And some you may never have heard of. Check it out!
* Google Analytics, best tool around
* Bit.ly: shorten your url and get analytics
* Xinureturns:
dashboard, page ranks and backlinks
* PostRank:
good for bloggers
* SocialToo:
social surveys
So, when you are concerned with the numbers game, like we all are, think, strategize and analyze just how your going to get the “BUZZ” going to bring in the leads and make that sale!

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